Morrison's St. Louis directory
Alderige, Ann Mies, milliner and dregs maker , resresidence nsnorth-side Morgan, bnbetween
Thirteenth and Fourteenth.
Aldrich, M. W.Mrs., resresidence wswest-side Ninth, bnbetween Mound and Brooklyn.
Aldrich, Levi, architect , resresidence sssouth-side Webster, bnbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Aldrich, Green, plasterer , resresidence eseast-side Tenth, bnbetween Chambers & Webster.
Alexander, Robert, white washer , &c., shop 122 Pine, bnbetween Third
and Fourth, resresidence wswest-side Tenth, bnbetween Market and Walnut.
Alexander, Bazel W., livery stable, 81 Chesnut, bnbetween Third and
Fourth, resresidence wswest-side Fifth, bii Pine and Olive.
Alexander, George W., merch.merchant tailor , 29 Olive, bnbetween Main & Second.
Alexander, F. R.., clerk . (Child, Pratt &. ,) 147 nnorth Main.
Alexander, Joshua H., city comptroller , office cily hall.
Alexander, House, nwnorthwest corcorner Second ond Chesnut, A. & E. Gue-, , proprietors.
Alexander J.H. & , forwarding and commission merchants ,
17 Pine, bnbetween Second and Main.
Alexander, Joshua H., (Alexander Joshua H. & ,) resresidence secorcorner
Fifth and St. Charles.
Alexander, George M., (Edgar, Peseley & ,) produce, forward-
ing and commission merch.merchant , 19 nnorth Levee, and 38 Commercial.
Alexander, J. H., clerk , 50 nnorth Levee.
Alexander, George M., (Haight, Alexander & ,) storage, for-
warding and commission merch.merchant , 155, 156 and 157 nnorth Levee.
Allbright, Charles, clerk P.O., resresidence 178 ssouth Fourth, bnbetween Gratiot &. Cerre.
Allen, James, pilot , resresidence cs Collins, rear of old reservoir.
Allen, Elijah, clerk , resresidence nsnorth-side Pine, bnbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth.
Allen, Thomas R., livery stable, nenortheast corcorner Fifteenth and Market.
Allen, -, resresidence sssouth-side Franklin avavenue , bnbetween Eighteenth and Nineteenth.
Allen, Nathan, druggist , swsouthwest corcorner Fourth and Market, resresidence wswest-side Sev-
enth, bnbetween Walnut and Elm.
Allen, David, resresidence 104 Sixth, bnbetween Spruce and Poplar.
Allen, Thomas, Pres'tpresident Pacific , nenortheast corcorner Third and
Allen & Wendover , grocers , 228 Broadway, bnbetween Morgan and
Franklin nv.
Allen, Judson, (Allen & Wendover ,) resresidence nsnorth-side Brooklyn, bnbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Allen, John A., (Claflin & Allen. ) boots and shoes, 142 nnorth Main, up
stairs, resresidence nsnorth-side Chesnut, bnbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Allen, Lewis, S.S. clerk , (P.L. & H. Vandeventer ,) resresidence eseast-side Six-
teenth, bnbetween Washington and Franklin avavenue .
Allen, Girard B., (Gaty, McCune & ,) Mississippi Foundry,
resresidence nsnorth-side Olive, bnbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Allen, Edward E., Justice of Peace, as Vine, bnbetween Second and
Alleyne, J. B., M.D. , nenortheast corcorner Fifth and Locust.
Allington, John, mate, resresidence wswest-side Benton, bnbetween Ninth and Broadway.
Allis, Henry J., saddler , sssouth-side Market, bnbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Allison, Henry, boarding house 56 nnorth Fourth.
Allison, Joel, engineer , resresidence nsnorth-side Carr. bnbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth.