Morrison's St. Louis directory
Crenshaw, R. W., reporter St. Louis Intelligencer, resresidence , resresidence 13 ssouth
Eighth, bnbetween Market and Walnut.
Crenshaw, John C., local reporter St. Louis Intellgencer, resresidence
eseast-side Eighth, bnbetween Market and Walnut.
Cricker, Bernard, stone cutter , nsnorth-side Wash, ba Twelfth and Thir-
teenth, resresidence corcorner Twelfth and Christy avavenue .
Crielly, Michael, trader , resresidence as Green, bo Seventh and Eighth.
Crittenden, Woodward, clerk (Shapleigh, Day & ,) rea Virginia
Crittenden, Hiram, wholesale book store, 135 nnorth Main.
Croak, Edward, mason , resresidence Twelfth, bnbetween Clark avavenue and Spruce.
Croak, Walter, grocery and resresidence nenortheast corcorner Thirteenth and Market.
Croak, James, groceries , secorcorner Eleventh and Market.
Crocket, Joseph B., Editor St. Louis Intelligencer, office 86 nnorth
Cromwell, Andrew J., pilot , reansnorth-side Randolph, bnbetween Thirteenth and
Cronenbold, F. W., hardware store, 150 and 152 Caroodolet avavenue ,
bnbetween Barry and Marion.
Cronenbold, Unas, iron store, 152 Carondelet avavenue .
Cronenbold, F. W., foreman job rooms Missouri Republican.
Cronk, William, sawyer , resresidence eseast-side Eighth, bnbetween O'Fallon and Cass avavenue .
Crunthal & Bros. , lamp and spirit gas manufacturers, 10 nnorth Third,
bnbetween Chesnnt and Market.
Cronthal, William, (C. & Bros.,) 10 nnorth Third.
Cronlhal, Louis, [C. & Bros.,] 10 nnorth Third.
Crosland, Washington, tobacconist , eseast-side Main,bnbetween Howard and Mul-
Cross, John, clerk , 95 ssouth Third, bnbetween Spruce and Almond.
Cross, Joshua, plasterer , resresidence nwnorthwest corcorner Second and Bentoo.
Crotty, MaryMrs. fruit store, nwnorthwest corcorner Eighth and Market.
Crow, M'Creery & , wholesale dry goods, 71 nnorth Main.
Crow, Way man, (C., M'Creery & ,) resresidence nnorth woor Eighth & Olive,
Crow, Philip, (Haywood C. & Talbot,) wholesale hud ware, 67 nnorth
Crow, William A., clerk (Haywood, C. & Talbot,) 67 nnorth Main.
Crows, Casper, mason , resresidence sssouth-side Sidney, bnbetween Jackson and Levee.
Crowell, John B., clerk (Collins, Ketbgg & Ce.) 153 Main.
Crowell, William, editor Western Watchman. 9 1-2 Chesnut up
stairs, bnbetween Second and Main, resresidence nwnorthwest corcorner Fifth & Washington avavenue .
Crowell, WilliamRev.Reverend , resresidence 105 Washington avavenue .
Crowell, George, bricklayer , resresidence wswest-side Twelfth, bnbetween Franklin avavenue and
Crowley, Thomas, contractor , resresidence wswest-side Sixteenth, bnbetween Biddle and
Crowley, MargaretMrs.resresidence nsnorth-side Washington avavenue , bnbetween Seventh and
Cruwley, John, boarding and coffee house, 95 nnorth Levee.
Crozier, Alexander, [Clark, Renfrew & ,] Eagle foundry, resresidence
wswest-side Fifth, bnbetween Carr and Biddle.