Morrison's St. Louis directory
Fuller, Orrim S., deputy sheriff , resresidence wswest-side Seventh, bnbetween Pine and
Fuller, -, painter , resresidence sssouth-side Mullanphy, bnbetween Second and Broadway.
Fuller, Antony, carter , resresidence nsnorth-side Austin, bnbetween Twelfth and Thirteenth.
Fulton, CouncilNo. 3, O.U.A.M., 273 Broadway, upstairs, bnbetween
Cherry and Wash.
Fulton, William H., capt. , resresidence wswest-side Fourteenth, bnbetween Market and
ClaTk avavenue .
Fultm, Andrew, carpenter , nenortheast corcorner Twelfth and Olive.
Fulton, James, "Fulton Exchange," 122 Fourth, bnbetween Olive and
Fulton, Brewery, (S. Wainwright,) sssouth-side Almond, bnbetween Second and
Fulton, James, coffee house and resresidence Washington avavenue , bnbetween Tenth and
Fundenbanker, Henry, (Bohlman & F,) grocer , 218 Second, bnbetween
Cherry and Wash.
Funk, Samuel, carpenter , resresidence Hickory, bnbetween Barlow and Beck with.
Punk, -, boatman , resresidence secorcorner Main and Spring.
Funkhouser R.M. & , forwarding and commission merchants ,
16 nnorth Levee.
Funkhouser, Robert M., [R.M. Funkhouser & ] rea Chesnut,
near Thirteenth.
Funkhouser, Will him C., clerk , 18 nnorth Levee.
Farcy & Thompson , French restaurant, 48 and So Olive, bnbetween Sec-
ond and Third.
Fnrcy, Auguste, (Furcy & Thompson,) 48 and 50 Olive.
Furgerson, Charles, clerk , resresidence eseast-side Collins, rear old reservoir.
Furlong, Nicholas, merchant , resresidence bnbetween Olive, bnbetween Fourteenth and Fif-
Futterer, Sebastian, chair maker , resresidence nwnorthwest corcorner Tenth and Jefferson.