Morrison's St. Louis directory
Baldwin & Randall , wholesale hat store , sw corsouthwest corner Main and Locuat,
and se corsoutheast corner Second and Market.
Barlow, Joseph C., resresidence 34 ssouth Fifth, bnbetween Walnut and Elm.
Barnes, Robert A., wholesale grocer and com. merch. , 120 nnorth Sec-
ond, bnbetween Locust and Vine, resresidence es Fifth, bnbetween Myrtle and Space.
Bascom, J. D., Monterey coffee house , corcorner Commercial & Market.
Beakey, Joseph, stoves, tin ware, &c. , 203 nnorth Main, res ws Fifth,
bnbetween Wash and Carr.
Beirne, Thomas J., att’y , office 36 1/2 Chesnut, ups.
Black, John, justice of the peace and notary public , nwnorthwest cer Elm
and Second, resresidence Clark avavenue , near Mercer.
Boldey, H. I., insurance agent , se corsoutheast corner Main and Olive, res nw car
Fourth and Walnut.
Brooks, Megan & Holiday, Marine Railway & Dock , office
68 nnorth Levee, ups.