Morrison's St. Louis directory

Money To Loan! Pawnbroker’s Office .

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Cash Advanced On
Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware,
Dry Goods,
And Personal Property Generally ,
At No. 103 Corner of Locust & Main Sts.

The Oldest Licensed Pawnbroker’s Estabnlishment In The City.

J. S.Freligh, .

Money To Loan!
In In Sums Of Any Amount,
From One Dollar To One Thousand ,
On Gold And Silver Watches,
Gold Chains, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Dry Goods, Hardware, Guns,
Pistols, Land Warrants, Warehouse Receipts, Clothing, & c. ,
By W.Hollister, , No. 30 Vine Street.

Private entrance from Alley in rear of the building.

Wm.William M.Hough, ,
Wire Worker ,
No. 55 North Second Street,
Between Pine and Olive, St. Louis, Mo.

Manufacturer of Fenders and Fire guards of all kinds; Sand, Malt,
Wheat and Corn Screens; Bird Cages of all kinds; Rat and Mouse Traps; Wo-
ven Wire of every description; Patent Gauze Wire Window Blinds; Riddles and
seives of every description; Meat Safes and Dish covers, and every other kind
of Wire Work too numerous to particularize.

B. F.Townsend, ,
Wire Worker and Seive Manufacturer ,
No. 144 North Second Street,
Bet. Washington Av. & Green St., St. Louis, Mo.

The Proprietor is prepared to execute orders for Wire Seives, Riddles,
Rolen, Screen and Fan-Mill Wire, Fenders, Safes, Rat and Mouse Traps, Bird
Cages, Mineral and Sand Screens, Wove Wire of all numbers,
At The Lowest Price.