Morrison's St. Louis directory

PrederickDings, . WilliamStein, .
Importers of German, French and English
Fancy Goods & Toys,
Wholesale Dealers in
American Varierty Goods,
And Manufacturers Of All Kinds Of
Brushes And Curled Hair .
No. 47 North Main St., St. Louis, Mo.

D. H.LackMan, ,
Wholesale And Retail Dealers In
Fancy & Variety Goods & Toys
No. 153 North Third Street,
Between Green Street And Washington Avenue,
Opposite Brant’s Row St. Louis, Mo.

PerderickWoesten, . AlbertHarig, .
Woesten & Harig ,
Manufacturers Of
Hats & Caps ,
No. 140 Third St., Cor. Washington Avenue,
No. 32 Franklin Avenue,
Between Fourth & Fifth St., St. Louis, Mo.

Lathrop & ’s
Eastern, Western & Sourthern Express
St. Louis Office,
No. 20 Olive St., Merchants’ Exchange.

Principal Offices.
Boston, New York, Erie, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Galena,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Cineinnati, Louisville, St. Louis.