Morrison's St. Louis directory

Outley’s Sky-Light Daguerrian Galery ,
Corner of Third and Washington avenue,
(Formerly Outley & Bennison.)

I would solicit an examination of some of the very fine speciemens in this Gallery,
by all in want of a good toned life like Picture. As they are all taken by myself, in
this city, and Not Brought From The East, I will warram as Good and
Perfect a Picture as can be had at any other rooms, or refund the money. Our ac-
commodations and modesof access and egress are second to note in the ciyt, and our
prices; are low and uniform, ranging from 61 to 910. Pictures, eicher single or in
groups, taken in clowdy as well as fair weather, and at the shortest notice. Stran-
gers, or those living out of town, are assured their work can be donein the based pos
sible manner, for one half what is charged at other Galleries.

By endeavoring to please all, and gentlemanly attention to our customers, I hope
to receive, as heretofre, a share of the public patrenage. 3. 3. Outley, seties.

F.Meyer, . F. W.Backman, , AMeyer, ,
F. Meyer & ,
Dealers in All Kinds of
Leather & Findings,
Shoe Thread, Lasts, Pegs, &c.
Also, Hides and Tanners’ Oil ,
No. 88 North Main street, St. Louis, Missouri,

Orders will be punctually attended to.

U. S. Hull Inspector.
H.Singleton, ,
Port Warden,
Office—Commercial Insurance Comapny
North West Corner Main and Olive sts., (upstairs,) St. Louis.

Eye and Ear.
M. C.Cook, M. D.,
Office, Corner of Second and Pine streets, St. Louis, Mo.

Doctor Cook respectfully informs his friends and the public generally,
that having devoted the Last Fifteen Years to the
study and practice of the Discause of the
Eye And Ear ,
He tenders his professional services to the afflicted, and from his long experieses and annual
success in restoring to healthful action, diseased Eyes and Ears, he fells eyetialual
in restering the most investgates cases.