Morrison's St. Louis directory

Western Journal And Civilian,
Tarver & Cobb ,
Editors and Proprietors.
Office, No. 97 Chesnut Street,
St. Louis, Missouri.

The Western Journal and Civilian, devoted to Agriculture, Manufactures,
Mechanic Ars, Mining, Internal Improvement, Commerce, Public Policy, and
Polite Literature.

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This Work, containing eighty pages, is published monthly—price, three
dollars for one year, payable in advance.

Back volumes from the commencement of the Work, January, 1848, may be
obtained by application at the office of publication.

St. Louis Times
Printing Office ,
Corner Pine & Second Sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Terms of Subscription.

Daily Paper, per year, $8 00

Tri-Weekly, "$5 00

Weekly, "$2 00

Advertising at the lowest city rates.

Plain And Ornamental
Book & Job Printing
Of Every Description,
Executed with Neatness and Dispatch, and at the very
Lowest Cash Prices.