Morrison's St. Louis directory

To Whlesale and Retail Merchants!
To Businss Men & Advertisers Generally!
The "Anzeiger Des Westens ,"
Office, No. 16 North Thrid street,
Between Market and Chesnut sts., st. Louis, Mo.

German Newspaper, of St. Louis, Mo., published Daily, Tri-Weekly and
Weekly, is the best medium for spreading advertisements of any kind, among
the numerous German population of our Western States. The Anzeiger has
now a total circulation of more than 5,000 copies, and is the favorite paper of
all German Farmers, Merchants, Workingmen, &c., in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa,
Wisconsin, and the entire West. In this city alone, its circulation is 2,600
copies, besides numerous subscribers in Belleville, St. Charles, Carondelet, and
all other places in the vicinity of St. Louis.

The Weekly Anzeiger is at present the most extensively circulated paper, not
only in Missouri and Illinois, but also in Iowa, Wisconsin, &c., it also has nume-
rous subscribers in Minnesota and Oregon Territory, and in the Southern States:
Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Georgia, &c., its circulation already exceeds
2,000, and in every German Settlement in the West the Weekly Anzeiger can be
found. The Proprictors feel confident that they offer to the merchants, real estate
agents, and to the public in general, rare opportunities of spreading a knowl-
edge of their varied commodities among all classes of our population, and over
great parts of the surrounding country, which an energetic and discriminating
business community will not neglect to avail themselves of.

N. B.—All translations made gratis.

The Daily Anzeiger des Westens, (Yearly subscription,) $5 00

This paper has the largest circulation of any newspaper in the West.

The Weekly Anzeiger des Westens, (yearly subscription,) $2 00

John M. Cannon & ,
Nos. 15 and 17 South Sixth street, St. Louis, Mo.,
Would respectfully inform the public, that, having now completed our arrangements,
we are prepared to make contracts for any work in our line. We have in our employ
practical Slaters and well prepared to execute, ind workman-like manner, and with
dispatch, all orders entrusted to our care. We keep constantly on hand, and for sale,
Welsh Slate, Ridge Tiles,
Sheet Lead,
Slate Flagging, Slate Hearths,
Copper, Brass & Iron Slating Nails,
Rosendale Cemnet,
And all other articles pertaining to our business.

We will strip from roofs Zinc, Sheet Iron, Tin, or other covering, and substitute
therefor Slate. Slate removed from one roof, can be used to advantage on any other,
which is not the case with any other roofing material.