Morrison's St. Louis directory

LutherLaflin, , Saugerties, N. Y.S. A.Smith, , N. Y. City, S. H.Laflin, , St. Louis.
Laflins & Smith,
Manufacturers of
Gun Power,
And Wholesale Dealers In
Safety Fuse.
office No. 29 Levee, Corner Of Olive Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

JohnMerrick, ,

[missing figure]
No. 7 Front St.,
Bet. Market, and chesnut
Importer, Agentand Wholesale Dealer in
English and German
Cutlery .

Single and Double Barrel
Rifles, Revolvers,
Belt And Pocket Pistols,
Combs, Brushes,
Fancy Goods

[missing figure]
The attention of city and
country Merchants, Peddlers &
Dealers, is called to the above
Goods. As they are direct from
manufacturers, they will
be sold as low as they can be
bought in the Eastern cities.