Morrison's St. Louis directory

C. D. Sullivan & ,

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Watch & Clock Makers ,
No. 39 Fourth Street,
Bet. Chesnut & Pine, St. Louis, Mo.

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A large and well selected assortment of Clocks, Watches, Jewelry and Silver Spoons,
Constantly on hand, and for sale low.

All Kinds of Jewelry made to order and neatly repaired. The highest price paid for Old
Gold and Silver. All orders punctually attended to. Engraving neatly executed.

A. H. Menkens & Bro. ,
Importers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fine Gold And Silver Watches,
Every Description of
Jewelry, Silver Spoons, Cups, &c.
No. 103 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Missouri.

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Fine Watches Carefully Repaired And Warranted
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T. & G. W. Hequembourg.
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Watch Makers
And Jewellers ,
No. 24 Second st., cor. of Chesnut,
Opposite Post Office, St. Louis, Missouri.

Watches, Clocks, Musical Boxes and Jewelry, carefully re-
paired and warranted.

Silverware and Jewelry made to order.

Sons of Temperance Emblems on hand.

Seals made to order, and engraving neatly and promptly done.

Old Gold and Silver purchased.

Spectacles for all ages.