The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
Baker, H. R., cupper and leecher , 94 Wash av, bn Fourth and Fifth.
Baker, L. D., house carpenter and builder , sw corsouth-west corner Ninth and St. Chas.
Baker and Shutt , blacksmiths, Market, bnbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Baker, J. W. & , grocers, corcorner Second and O’Fallon.
Baker, Thomas, boarding house , 156 nnorth Third.
Baker, F. C., salesman , 34 Main.
Balance, Joseph M., boarding house , 88 ss south-side Frank av,Franklin avenue bnbetween Sixth and Sev-
Baldwin, John, tobacconist , wswest side Third, bnbetween Pine and Chesnut.
Baldwin, & Randell , wholesale hatters, 102 wswest side Main, bnbetween Locust and
Baldwin, Randell & , hat store, se corsouth-east corner Market and Second.
Ballman, Henry, grocer , eseast side Eighteenth, bnbetween Biddle and Carr.
Balmer & Weber , music store, 58 Fourth, bnbetween Pine and Olive.
Baltasar, . G., confectioner , 382 Fifth, bnbetween Park avavenue and Rutger.
Bauer, Adam, grocer , ne north-east corcorner Wash avWashington avenue and Ninth.
Bankin, . J., tailor , 189 Frank av Franklin avenue .
Banziger, Anna, midwife, 82, s south Third, bnbetween Spruce and Myrtle.
Baptist, John L., fruit store , sw corsouth-west corner Main and Plum.
Barada, A. S., salesman , 161 Main.
Barbee, A. B.physician , nw cornorth-west corner Morgan and Sixth.
Barclay, A. W., atty at law , sssouth side Pine, bnbetween Second and Third.
Barell, L. L., salesman , 69 Levee.
Barker, William, blacksmith , 191 Frank av Franklin avenue .
Barker & Breasly , locksmiths, 115 nsnorth side Morgan, bnbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Barkeifer, Frederick, grocer , corcorner Ninth and LaBeaume.
Barkhast, J. G., dry goods , nw cornorth-west corner Second and Spruce.
Barklage, F., boot and shoe maker , sssouth side Locust, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Barlow, C., book-keeper , nw cornorth-west corner Main and Chesnut.
Barlow, J. C., Belleville distillery store , sssouth side Walnut, bnbetween Main and Second.
Barnard, Adams & , wholesale druggists, 140 ws n Main, bnbetween WashWashington avenue
avavenue and Vine.
Barnard, J. H., druggist , sw corsouth-west corner Fourth and Green.
Barnes, A. F., druggist , ne cornorth-east corner Biddle and High.
Barnes, John, physician and surgeon , 146 wswest side Fourth, bnbetween Washington
avavenue and Green.
Barnes, R. A., commission merchant , 114 Second, bnbetween Vine and Locust.
Barnett, A. F., M D , sssouth side Locust, bnbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Barnhurst, John, dry goods , 72 Market, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Barmel, J. P., hat and cap store , ne cornorth-east corner Second and Spruce.
Barnum, Jacob, blacksmith , sw corsouth-west corner Market and Sixteenth.
Barnum, W. L., salesman , 99 Main.
Barnum, Freeman, clerk , ne cornorth-east corner Commercial alalley and Pine.
Barr, E. W., M D , office sssouth side Washington av,avenue bnbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Barr, J., clerk , 225 Broadway.
Barron, H., dentist , nw cornorth-west corner Fourth and Market.
Barron, R., salesman , 15 Main.
Barry, J. G., real estate agent , sssouth side Chesnut, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Bartn, M., potter , 36 Walnut bnbetween Main and Second.
Barth, B., carver in wood , wswest-side ssouth Third, bnbetween Myrtle and Elm.
Bartmer, Herr, dry goods , Franklin av,avenue bnbetween Twelfth and Thirteenth.
Bartlett & Pegram , dry goods and groceries, 13 Levee, City Buildings.
Bartlett, J. A., book-keeper , 2 Levee.
Bartlett, A., salesman , 244 nnorth Broadway.
Barton, J., M D , office 78 Vine, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Basching, F., salesman , 172 and 174 nnorth Broadway.