The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
Watkins, Thos., hides and poultry , Cherry, bnbetween Second and Third.
Watkins, H., salesman , 77 Main.
Watkins, T. E., salesman , 11 Main.
Watson, C. S., salesman , 135 Main.
Watzel, C., tin, copper and sheet iron worker , 192 Second, bnbetween Plum and
Waugh, A. S., artist , 21, P. O. Buildings.
Weatherbie, F. T., book keeper , 54 Main.
Webb, Jno., (agent North Western Ins. Co.,) sw corsouth-west corner Main, and Pine.
Webb, H., tailor , Green, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Webb, Wm.William, physician , ne cornorth-east corner Fourth and Green.
Webb, Chrs., clerk , ne cornorth-east corner Commercial alalley and Pine.
Webber, B., coffee house , 178 Second, bnbetween Cedar and Plum.
Webble, W. G., real estate office , 91 Biddle, bnbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Weber, P., coffee house , 109 Frank av Franklin avenue .
Weber, A., coffee house , Eighth, bnbetween Frank av Franklin avenue and WashWashington avenue .
Weber, Wm, justice of peace , 146 Carondelet avavenue , bnbetween Barry and
Weber, H., coffee house , 252, Second, bnbetween Convent and Wood.
Webster, Noir & , commission merchants, 124 Second, bnbetween Wash avWashington avenue
and Vine.
Webster, Marsh & , clothing store, 99 Main, bnbetween Locust and Olive.
Webster, F., salesman , 25 Levee.
Weed, Fred, salesman , 69 Main.
Wefer, W. H., wagon maker , Ninth, bnbetween Market and Walnut.
Wegerhoff, J. A., physician , ns Carr, bnbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Wegman, P., constable , 20 Second, bnbetween Walnut and Elm.
Weidemann, W.boot and shoe maker , wswest side Third, bnbetween Hazel and Con-
Weidenbach, Geo., coffee house , 21 Carondelet avavenue , bnbetween Convent and
Weidle, A. T., book-keeper , 116 Main,
Weigel, P.physician , ne cornorth-east corner Third and Elm.
Weigle, A., dry goods , Broadway, bn n Market and Benton.
Weil, D., clothier , nsnorth side Market, bnbetween Second and Third.
Weil & Bro. , dry goods, 37 Main, bnbetween Chesnut and Pine.
Weil, L. H., salesman , 37 Main,
Weinriech, G. A., grocer , wswest side Carondelet avavenue , bnbetween Lafayette and
Geyer avavenue .
Weingardt, C., blacksmith , nsnorth side Chesnut, bnbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Weinheimer, J., cabinet maker , 106 Second, bnbetween Almond and Spruce.
Weinil, C., stoves and tinware , 68 Main, bnbetween Walnut and Elm.
Weis, F., baker , 131 Frank av Franklin avenue .
Weisman, J., wagon maker , Carondelet avavenue , bnbetween Sidney and Lynch.
Weit, Paul, confectioner , 142, bnbetween Almond and Poplar.
Weitig, J. P., beer house , Park avavenue , bnbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Weizert, J., tobacconists , Carondelet avavenue , bnbetween Soulard and Carroll.
Welka, A., grocer , Thirteenth, bnbetween Davis and Cass avavenue .
Welker & Allen , tinsmiths, 8 Third, bnbetween Market and Walnut.
Welland, C., coffee house , ne cornorth-east corner , Second and Convent.
Wellmeyer, H. W., grocer , WashWashington avenue , bnbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Wells, P. G., barber , 49 Third, bnbetween Pine and Olive.
Wells, C. B., clerk , 119 Main.
Wells, A. G., clerk , 174 Broadway.
Wells, S. H., salesman , corcorner Fourth and St. Charles.
Wells, J. M. W., salesman , 86 Fourth.