The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
Masonic Bodies in St. Louis.
(Hall corcorner Chesnut and Third streets.)
St. Louis Encampment, No. 1, meets 1st and 3d Monday.
Missouri Chapter, No. 1, meets 2d and 4th Monday.
Saint Louis Chapter, No. 8, meets 1st and 3d Friday.
Saint Louis Lodge, No. 20, meets 1st and 3d Tuesday,
Napthali Lodge, No. 25, meets 1st and 3d Wednesday.
Missouri Lodge, No. 1, meets 1st and 3d Thursday.
Geo. Washington Lodge, No. 9, meets 2d and 4th Tuesday.
Polar Star Lodge, No. 79, meets 2d and 4th Wednesday.
Mount Moriah Lodge, No. 40, meets 2d and 4th Thursday.
Beacon Lodge, No. 111, meets 4th Tuesday, at their hall, corcorner Broad-
way and Monroe st.
Board of Trustees meets 4th Saturday in each month.