The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
Order of United American Mechanics.
State Council of Missouri.
John L.Moone, , State Councillor .
G. W.Bowlin, , Vice State Councillor .
W. S.Stewart, , Secretary State Council .
RichardJones, , Treasurer State Council .
J. L.Faucett, , Junior Ex. State Councillor .
M. B.Loughlin, , Senior Ex State Councillor .
Meets third Friday, in July, September, October and January.
Ben Franklin Council, No. 1.
A. LSappington, , C.
Sam’lYoung, , R. S.
Meets every Wednesday evening, on es Fourth street, bnbetween Green and
Washington Council, No. 2.
JamesHealy, , C.
MathewFaucett, , R. S.
Meets every Monday Evening, at their Hall, nw cornorth-west corner of Third and
Fulton Council, No. 3.
R. H.Mather, , C.
W. G.Ottinger, , R. S.
Meets every Thursday evening, at their Hall, on es of Fourth bnbetween
Green and Morgan.
Warren Council, No. 4.
Jno.Crawford, , C
W. S.Stewart, , R. S.
Meets on Tuesday evening, at same place as Nos. 1 and 3.