The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
The Society of Freemen, (German.)

Founded, April 20th, 1851; numbers 300 active members, and is in
co-operation with the Freemen Societies of Cincinnati, Milwaukee,
Herrmann, Louisville, New Orleans and other places.

The Society has built two large houses, with meeting halls and school
rooms, viz:

One at the corner of Seventh and Hickory; the other at corner of
Carr and Sixteenth. In both schools 247 pupils are instructed, by four
teachers. Tuition fee only fifty cents per month. Children of poor
parents admitted free of charge.

HenryBœrnstein, , President .
GustavasKlier, , Vice President .
AdamSaffer, , Vice President .
GeorgeHoffmann, , Treasurer .
B.Scauchard, , Secretary .
AdolphusLevy, , book-keeper .