The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /


PeterAmbs, .

JuliusLaue, .

Ambs & Laue ,
Importers of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
No. 9 Pine Street,
Between Main and Second street, St. Louis, Mo.

Otard, Dupuy & ; Pinet, Castillon & ; Jules, Robin & ; A.
Seignett & ; Holland Gin; Jamaica and Santa Cruix Rum; Irish
and Scotch Whisky; Swiss Absynthe, Kirschwasser.

Wines:—In casks and Boxes.

Haut Santernes; Barsac; Claret; Port; Sherry; Madeira; Rhinewine;
Champaign; Native Catawba.

Sardines, Swiss Cheese, Herrings, Cordials, and
Wholesale Dealers in Domestic Liquors.