The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /


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Goodin & Tooker ,
Gas and Steam-pipe

Brass Founders
and Finishers ,
No. 125 N. Third st., between Vine st. and Washington avavenue ., St. Louis.

We are constantly manufacturing and in receipt of a large assortment of Gas Fixtures
of every description and
the latest styles. Also, Oil Chandeliers, Solar and Spirit Gas Lamps, Lard and Chemical Oil Hanging Lamps, Hall Lamps, Hand Lantherns,
Girandoles, Candlesticks, &c. Constantly on hand, Wrought Iron and Brass
Tubing; Plain, Brass and Iron Cocks; and Globe Valves for Water, Steam and Gas;
Iron and Brass Steam and Gas Fittings, &c. We are prepared to execute all jobs of
Steam fitting for drying and heating with despatch.