The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /


Dr. Easterly’s
Valuable Family Medicines ,
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail,
South East corner of Third and Chesnut streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

The following is a list of his articles:

Dr. Easterly’s Iodine and Sarsaparilla;
Dr. Easterly’s Fever and Ague Killer;
Dr. Carter’s Cough Balsam;
Dr. Hunter’s German Bitters;
Dr. Easterly’s Pain Killer;
Dr. Easterly’s DiarrhŒa Syrup;
Dr. Allen’s Rheumatic Balm;
Dr. Easterly’s Nerve and Bone Liniment;
Dr. Easterly’s Vermifuge;
Dr. Cook’s Magic Hair Oil;
Dr. Easterly’s Medicated Strengthening Plaster;
Gridley’s Salt Rheum and Tetter Ointment;
Dr. Hooper’s Female Cordial;
Dr. Baker’s Specific;
Worsdell’s Vegetable Pills;

☞ Families, Country Merchants and Druggists are
invited to call, examine the stock and prices.

Dr. E.Easterly, .