The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /


Outley’s Sky-Light
Daguerrian Gallery !
Corner of
Washington Avenue and Third Street.

I would solicit an examination of some of the very fine specimens in my Gallery, by all in
want of a good life-toned picture. As they are all taken by myself in this city, and Not
Brought from the East, I will warrant as good and perfect a picture as can be
had at any other rooms, or refund the money. Our accommodations and modes of access and
egress are second to none in the city, and our prices as low and uniform, varying frnm $1 to
$10. Pictures, either single or in groupes, taken in clowdy as well as fair weather, and at the
shortest notice. Strangers, or those living in the City are assured their work can be done in
the finest possible manner for one-half what is charged at other Galleries. By endeavoring to
please all, and gentlemanly attention to my customers, I hope to receive as heretofore, a share
of the public patronage.

J. J.Outley, , Artist .