The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /


H. G.Biglow, .

Wm.WilliamSmith, .

J. N.Hood, .

St. Louis Felloe and Hub
By H. G. Bigelow, Smith & ,
Main, between Biddle and Ashley streets.

We manufacture and keep constantly on hand, bend Felloes. Shafts,
Bows and mortised Hubs of all sizes, of the best quality of timber.

Felloes 1 3-8 and under, $1 75 per set and 25 cents for each addi-
tional 1-8 in depth, up to 2 inches; Buggy Bows, 75 cents per set;
standing Top Bows, $1 50 per set; bend Heel Shafts, 60 cents per pair;
Straight Heel do., 50 cents per pair; Hubs mortised 5 inches and under,
$1 25 and 25 cents for each additional inch in diameter.

N. B.—The highest price paid for Hickory and Ash Lumber. None
but the best quality will be received.