The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /


Logan Sleeper ,
Collector and Newspaper Agent,
No. 49 Market street,
St. Louis.

Gives special attention to collecting small accounts, and to publishers’
and editors’ business in general.

All persons entrusting business to him may rely on having all the ad-
vantages (minus much of the expenses) of an agent sent from home,
at regular seasons, for their individual convenience. Editors of news-
papers, and others, far and near, may rely upon having all matters of
business, regular or irregular, small or great, attended to with care and
faithfulness equally alike special and personal.

Orders left at the store of Wm.William A.Nelson, , Dealer in Paper, Eastern
Type and Printers’ Materials, No. 11 Locust street, shall receive early
and regular attention.