The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /


Madame Blanche ,
the Celebrated
St. Louis, Mo.

Would announce to the ladies and gentlemen of this city, that she has
taken rooms and will remain here for a limited period, where she will
be pleased to see all who desire to consult her in reference to
Past, Present and Future Events,
Mad. Blanche, from long experience in her profession, and exten-
sive research in the
Science of Astrology.

Flatters herself that she has acquired a knowledge of it unequalled by
any other person living. Madame B. has had the honor of being visited
professionally, by Hon. Daniel Webster, His Ex. Millard Fillmore,
Hons. Lewis Cass, Thos. H. Benton, Wm.William Seward, and many other
distinguished persons whose names it is unnecessary she should give.
The success she has had in foretelling future events, justifies her in of-
fering Ten Thousand Dollars Reward to any person who can equal
her in telling of past, present and future events, in
Love, Courtship and Marriage, Lawsuits, Sickness,
Death, Property Lost or Stolen.

That Madame B. has acquired a knowledge of the profession equal
to any one who has preceded her, she hopes will be manifest to those
who consult her.

☞ All communications confidential.

Terms, Gentlemen $1; Ladies, 50 cents.