The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
The Bellefontaine Cemeteky,

Dedicated in May, 1850, situated five miles north of the Court house, on the Ballefontaine road, and contains two
hundred and twenty-one acres. Burial lots are sold at 20 cts. per square foot, with a discount of 10 per ct. when
sixteen hundred feet or more are taken, and may be selected of any shape and any size, not less than four hun-
dred square feet. Up to 1st Jan., 1854, three hundred and thirty-three lots had been sold, and nearly eleven
hundred bodies interred in this Cemetery. The grounds occupied are addmirably adapted by nature for the pur
pose, and a large sum is annually expended by the Association in their improvement. It is understood to be
the intention of tho Association, that, as soon as the debts are liquidated and the stock paid in, refunded, the lot
owners shall become the corporators in accordance with the provisions of the charter and the entire receipts go
to constitute a fund for keeping the grounds in order forever.