The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Kutnewski, Israel, (K. & Co.) nw. cer. 5th & Frank. av.,
r. ns. Greene, b. 7th & 8th
Kutnewski I. & Co. , wholesale dealers in huts and caps,
28n.north Main
Kutzler, Michael, laborer , r. al. b. Chesnut & Pine, 14th
& 15th
Kyle, Christopher, book-keeper 90n.north 4th,r.residence 102 Elm
Kyle, Francis, sr., Eng. teacher in Dunken’s school,r.residence
102 Elm
Kyle, Francis jr., salesman , r. 102 Elm
Kyle, John, shoemaker , es. 10th, b. Carr & Biddle
Kyler, George, clerk at Edw. Boyler’s, r. ss. Wash, b.
14th & 15th
Kyte, Wm. T., carpenter , es. 17th, s.south of O’Fallon
Laager, Henry, clerk at 208 Broadway, r. ws. 6th, b. Fr.
av.avenue and Morgan
Laager, Henry, deck hand , ws. l3th, s.south of Cass av
Labadie, Antoine, cattle dealer , 50 s.south 2d ups
Labadie, Josephine, widow, 126 s.south 3d
Labadie, Louis, butcher , ss. Clark av. b. 14th and 15th
La Barge, Charles, boarding house, ss. Green, b. 7th & 8th
La Barge, Joseph, 188 s.south Main
Labasque, Laurent, tailor , ns. Mulberry, b. 2d and 3d
Labasque, Laurens, tailor , 29 Olive, r. ss. Hazel, b. 2d
and 3d
La Beaume C.Edmund, , attorney , office 40 Chesnat,r.residence
ns.north side. Olive, b. 15th and 16th
La Beaume, Louis A.
La Beaume, Theodore, r. Hebert tract,nw.northwest of city
La Beau, J. B. jr.manuf. of silver ware, 44n.north 2d
Labens, Francisca, widow, ns. Lafayette, b. Rosatti and
Laber, John, pilot , ws. 7th, b. Park av.avenue and Barry
Labert, Xaphir, teamster , sw. cor. Carroll and Menard
Laboue, Fredericke, widow, 69 s.south 2d
Labusse, Frances, widow, ns. Cedar, b. Main and 2d
Lacey, Michael, brick layer , es. 9th, s.south of Cass av.avenue in rear
Lach, John, laborsr , es. Columbus, b. Marion and Carroll
Lacher, Henry, cooper , es. 2d, b. Monroe and Market
Lachie, John, ostler at Hoffman & Hawkin’s, r. es.Cen-
tre, b. Clark av.avenue and Market
Lachmeyer, Christian, laborer , ws. Columbus, b. Miller
and Barry
Lachner, Matthias, laborer , sw. cor. Carroll and Menard
Lachtuhn, Wm.wagon maker , 217 s.south 4th
Lack, Bernard, laborer , es. 11th, s.south of O’Fallon in rear
Lackey, Adam, bakery, ne. cor. 16th and Morgan
Lacky, Hugh, collector and general agent , ns. Hickory,
b. 5th and 6th
Lackland & Jamison , attorneys, office Chesnut
Lackland, James K.Judge Criminal Court , r. ns. Wal-
nut, b. 8th and 9th
Lackland, Michael B.brick layer , ns. Plum, b. 2d & 3d
Lackland, Rufus J.(Wm.M. Morrison & Co.) r. ns.
Locust, b. 6th and 7th
Lackmann, Deidr1Ck H. fancy and variety store,
145n.north 3d
Laclede Engine House, ns. Market, b. 14th and 15th
Laclede Public School , se. cor. Poplar and 5th
Lacount, Cecilia, widow, ss. Mound, b. B’dway and 2d
Lacount, Charles, laborer , ss. Mound, b. Broadway & 2d
Lacount, Rene, river clerk , ss. Mound, b. B’dway and 2d
Lacroix, A. keeper , 35n.north Front,r.residence Vi ginia hotel
Lacroix, Felix, clerk at Lepere’s,r.residence 76 Fr. av
Lacroix, L. keeper , 94n.north Main, r. nw. corner 3d
and Wash. av
Lacy, Lewis F.(McCaul & L.) r. ws. 14th, b. Mar-
ket and Clark av
Ladake, Wm.laborer , ss. Wash, b. 17th and 18th
Ladd, Attilus keeper at Patrick & Co.’s , r. 220
n.north 5th
Ladeveze, L. widow, 172 s.south 5th
Ladew A. P. & Co. type foundry and paper ware
house, 31 Locust
Ladew, Augustus P.(A. P. L. & Co.) r. ns. Wash,
e.east of 10th
Ladew, Charles, type founder , ws. 13th, b. Chesnut & Pine
Ladew, James, clerk , 31 Locust, r. ns. Wash, e. of 10th
Ladew, John, butcher , ws. 13th, b. Chesnut and Pine
Ladew, Stephensr. ws. 10th, b. Fr. av. and Wash
Ladew, stephen jr.type founder , r. 176n.north 2d
Ladue, Abraham, al. b. Mulberry and Cedar, 3d and 4th
Ladue, Peter , office 59½ Chesnut, r. ss. Clark
av. b. 15th and 16th
Lady, John, 29n.north 6th
Laedweiler, John, stone cutter , es. 18th, s.south of Biddle
Laehrin, Anton, laborer , es. 11th,n.north of Biddle
Laehter, Herman, cabinet maker , 220 s.south 5th
Laering, Fredercck, laborer , es. 8th, s.south of O’Fallon
Lafavre, Abraham, eating house, ne. cor. 12th and Pine
Lafayette, Brewery, Bergesch & Brinkwirth , ss. Carr, b.
7th and 8th
Lafayette Public School , ns. Ann av. e. of Decatur
Lafavre, Augustus, ns.north side. Christy av. b. 13th & 14th
Lafferty, Helen, widow, 74 s.south 3d
Lafferty, Mary Jane, widow, sw. cor. 13th and Carr
Laflin, Luther, (Ls. & Smith,) non-resident
Laflln, Sylvester H.(Ls. & Smith,) r. ss. Olive,
b. 8th and 9th
Laflins & Smith , manuf. of all kinds of powder,
office 29n.north Front, cor.corner of Olive
Lafohls, Henryostler se. cor. 7th and Morgan
Lafrance, francies, 70 & 72 s.south 3d
Lagal, Frederick, grocery , ns. Lombard, b. 2d and 3d
Leger, Bernard H.1aborer , es. 9th, s.south of Cass av
Lagomargino, Darrde, musician , al. b. Fr. av. & Wash,
12th and 13th
Lagomarsino, Davis, organ player , sw. cor. 13th & carr
Lagraf, Antoine, 76n.north 7th
Laguire, Francis, Iudian physician , ne. cor. B’dway and
Lahance, Julius, painter , 102n.north 2d
Lahey, Festy, laborer , 228n.north 2d
Lahman, Frederick, wood sawyer , ws. 5th, b. Greene and
Lahrmann, Bernard, family grocery , nw. corner
2d and Ashley
Laibold, Bernard, hotel and coffee house, 59 s.south 2d
Laing, James, carpenter , ns. Morgan, b. 21st and 22d
Lair, Philip, moulder , ws. Main, b. Mullanphy & Florida
Laird, keeper at Intelligencer office, r. es.
5th, b. Wash and carr
Laird, Thos.clerk in Post Office
Laitner, Francis Joseph, brush factory,es.east side. 7th, b. Marion
and Barry
Laitner, John, brush maker , es. 7th. b. Marion & Barry
Laitner, Michael, brush maker , es. 7th, b. Marion and
Laitner, Willibald, brush maker , es. 7th, b. Marion and
Lakan, John, stage driver , ss. Orchard, b. Barlow and
Lake, James R.milk dealer , 209 s.south 2d, cor.corner Mullanphy
Lake, Henry, boot and shoe manuf. ns. Fr. av. b. 8th
and 9th
Laler, Patrick, clerk , r. 229n.north 2d
Lalley, Daniel, brass moulder , 125n.north 3d, r. es. 12th, b.
Morgan and Gay
Lalley, John, laborer , 243n.north 2d
Lam, James, teamstr , 18 Convent
Lamb, C. L.coal dealer , sw. cor. B’dway and Tyler
Lamb, James, laborer , ss. O’Fallon,e.east of 9th
Lamb, Michael, deck hand , ns. St. Charles, b. 8th and
Lamb, Michael, laborer , al. b. 6th and 7th, Frank. av.
ann Wash
Lamb, Patrick, helper , Pacific R. R. r. Pratt av. n. of
Lamb, Philip, laborer , sw. cor. 8th and O’Fallon
Lamb, clerk at Darrah & Pomeroy’s, r. ns. Wash. av.
b. 4th and 5th
Lambeck, William, milk man , ss. Geyer av. b. Decatur
and Buel
Lambers, Bernard, laborer , ns. Biddle,w.west. of 9th
Lambers, John, laborer , es. 15th, s.south of Biddle
Lambers, Lucas, wood sawyer , al. b. Wash and Carr, 10th
and 11th
Lambert, Albert, cooper , ws. 2d.n.north of I O’Fallon