The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Pickette, Leanna, (c) wash woman , es. 9th, b. Clark av.avenue
and Walnut
Pickles, George, Comorn coffee house, sw. corner Hazel
and 4th
Pickles, Matthew F.foreman at Blatchford & Collins
lead factory,r.residence Kirkwood
Picot, Louis , office 82½ Chesnut,r.residence Caron-
delet city
Picotte, Honore, 178 Olive
Piepenbrock, John, laborer , 35 s.south 3d
Pieper, Engelhard, tailor , ss. Park av. b. Buel & Menard
Pieper, Henry, carpenter , ns. Orchard, b. Barlow and
Pieper, Henry, (Gilmore & P.) r. 66 s.south 7th, b. Myrtle &
Pieper, Henry, (P. & K.) r. es. 6th, b. Fr. av. and Wash
Pieper, Henry, tailor , 70ws.west side. 7th
Pieper & Koenigkreimer , dry goods & clothing, 82 Fr. av
Piere, Adam, shoemaker , 108ws.west side. 2d ups
Pierling, Henry 4th, b. Olive and Pine
Pierson, John, miller , 182 Wash. av
Pietig, John, tailor , ws. 9th, b. Carr and Biddle
Piggott, Isaac Newton, M. D. , 270n.north 2d, b. Carr & Wash
Pignero, P. A. wig manuf. shop 112ws.west side. 4th, b. Locust
and St. Charles ups. r. 165 Market, b. 6th and 7th
Pigott, Patrick, laborer , al. b. 7th & 8th, Carr & Biddle
Pike, E. C.(Bacon, Hyde & Co.) main director, r. country
Pike, Reuben S.clerk at Bacon, Hyde & Co. r. ws. 3d, b.
Wash av. and Greene
Pilcher, George, carpenter , se. cor. 2d and Florida
Pilcher Henry & William , organ builders, ws.
15th, b. Wash & Carr
Pilgerim, Henry, carpenter , r. ns. Fr, av. b. 13th & 14th
Pilk, John, ship carpenter , 177es.east side. 2d in yard
Pilkington, Henry, phoenix mills,ns.north side. Barry, b. 7th and
Pilkington, Samuel B.phoenix mills,ns.north side. Barry, b. 7th
and Fulton
Pille, Herman, carpenter , nw. cor. Lafayette and Buel
Pillmann, Frederick, butcher , ne. cor. Emmett and Ca-
rond. av
Pilmeyer, John, bridle bitt forger , ss. Greene,w.west. of 6th,
r. es. 2d near Wood
Pilton, E. W.painter , 18 s.south 10th
Pindart, Peter, carpenter , ws. 10th, b. Biddle and O’-
Pine, Mills, (West & Clark,) es. Main, b. e. Mound &
e.east Brooklyn
Pine, StreetPres. Church, nw. cor. 11th & Pine
Pinkham, George, carpenter , ns. Wash, b. 14th and 15th
Pinkston, Francis, wood pedlar , es. 10th,n.north of Madison
Pipanbrier, Peter, porter at Watson’s, r. es. 10th b. Carr
and Biddle
Pipe, John, st. b. joiner , ws. 7th, s.south of Cass av
Piper, Philip, miller , r. 157es.east side. 5th
Pignett, David, (Cofland & P.) r. 4 miles on Manchester
Pisanz, Charles, bar keeper , nw. corner Carond. av. and
Pischlour, John, ss. Myrtle, b. Main and 2d
Pitcher, Henry, builder , 23 s.south 7th,r.residence 228 s.south 7th
Pitcher, Johnws. 5th, b. Gratiot and Cerre
Pitre, Jaoob, lithographic printer , 49n.north 2d
Pitsch, Wm.clerk , 113 Fr. av. b. 7th and 8th
Pitsch, Wm.porter , nw. corner 2d and Vine,r.residence Niagara
Pitt, Prudence, widow, es. 9th, b. Fr. av. and Wash
Pittaluga, Gaetang, (Gratiaa & P.) r. ss. Myrtle, b. 5th
and 6th
Pittard W. T. & Co. importers & publishers, 3n.north 4th
Pittard, Wm. T.books & stationery, 184 Market
Pittman & Brother , wholesale dry goods, 83n.north
Pittman, Edward F.(P. & Brother,) r.Va. hotel
Pittman, George T.(P. & Tennent.) r.Va. hotel
Pittman & Tennent , wholesale dry goods, 101n.north
Pittman, William H.(P. & Brother,) r.residence Monroe
Pitts, Philip H.machinist , r. sw. cor. 7th & Fr. av
Pitts, Thomas T.printer at Democrat office, r. sw. cor.
7th and Fr. av
Placht, Francis, nail smith , ns. Lafayette, b. Decatur &
Plahto, Henry, clothier , 108n.north Main,r.residence Monroe
Plain, August, tailor , es. 7th,n.north of Biddle
Plake, August, black smith , se. cor. 7th and Biddle
Plank, Christian, tailor , ss. Plum, b. 2d & 3d ups
Plant, Alfred, r. 113 Carr
Plant, Fred. W.Washington seed store , 193n.north 4th,r.residence
113 Carr
Plant Geo. P. & Co. Franklin mills, ns. Fr. av. b.
5th and 6th
Plant, Geo. P.(Plant & Co.) r. ws. 5th, b. Fr. av.
and Wash
Plant, James, cooper , es. 8th, s.south of O’Fallon
Plant, Samuel, (Plant & Co.) r. es. 10th, b. Wash & Carr
Plant Wm. M. & Co. agricultural and seed store 14
n.north Main, & ne. cor. 4th and Greene
Plant, Wm. M.(Wm. M. Plant & Co.) r. ns. Wash.
av. b. 4th and 5th
Planter’s House , Stickney & Scolley,ws.west side. 4th, b.
Chesnut and Pine
Planter’s Mills , Wm.C.Hazzard, , ss. Fr. av. b. 13th &
Planter’s Tobacco Ware House , se. cor. 2d & Wash. av
Plasker, Joseph, laborer , ws. 10th, b. Biddle & O’Fallon
Plass, Frederick W.clerk , 42 Market, r. ne. cor. 7th and
Plass, Wm.clerk , ws. Carond. av. b. Park av.avenue & Barry
Plastermann, Christoph, laborer , ns. Marion, b. 7th and
Platt, Gotlieb, black smith , es. 13th, b. Carr & Biddle
Platt, Henry S.druggist . ne. cor. Fr. av. & 7th,r.residence
163n.north 8th, b. Fr. av. & Morgan
Platt, John, tailor , nw. cor. 9th & Market
Platt, John M.(Switzer, P. & Co.) r. 3 miles on
Gravois road
Platte, Henry, candle maker , ws. Carond. av. b. Marion
and Carroll
Platz, Gotthelf, helper at C. & T. R. Pullis’, r. ss. Mor-
gan, b. 20th and 21st
Platz, Philip, laborer , ss. Fr. av. b. 22d & 23d
Platzer, Stephen, laborer , ss. Carroll, b. Jackson & Co-
Pleister, Frederick W.tailor , ws. Fulton, b. Barry and
Plenger, Henry, machinist , ns. Mullanphy, b. Main &
Plitt, August, daguerrean , 145n.north 3d, r. sw. corner 10th
and Wash
Ploeser, Christian, saddle tree manuf. es. Jackson, b.
Marion and Carroll
Plohr, Henry, laborer , ws. 15th,n.north of Carr
Plowman, Edward R.carrier , r. ss. Marion, b. 7th and
Carond. av
Pluemer, Frederick, laborer , al. b. Fr. av. & Wash, 13th
and 14th
Plum, Barbara, widow, ss. Marion, b. Jackson and Co-
Plunket, Bridget, widow, es. 9th,n.north of Biddle, in rear
Plunkett, Thomas, shipper & com. merchant , 2 es. Com.
al. s. of Walnut
Plympton, Miss C. C.teacher , se. cor. 10th & Chambers
Pock, Gustav, tailor , es. Jackson, b. Barry & Marion
Pococke, A. M.tinner , r. 7n.north 4th
Pococke, Mrs. W. H. widow, 7n.north 4th
Podesta, Antoine, fruit & confectionery , 135 Market,r.residence
46n.north 2d
Podesta, Louis, fruit store, 19n.north 4th
Poe, Martha Ann, widow, se. cor. Mullanphy & 2d
Poectter, John, pedlar , r. es. 7th, b. Geyer av.avenue & Allen av
Poehlman, Conrad, shoe maker , ss. Wash, b. 8th & 9th
Poeley, Christian, black smith , ne. cor. 11th & Fr. av
Poelker, Bernard, tailor , es. al. b. Myrtle & Elm, Main
and 2d
Poemeste, John, confectionery shop, 69n.north 3d
Poetke, Wm.laborer , 195es.east side. 4th ups
Poetler, Fred.laborer , ss. Wash, b. 8th & 9th