The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Riedolf, Balthazar, laborer , ws. Fulton, b. Park av.avenue and
Riehaur, Gert, teamster , se. cor. 7th & Lafayette
Riehl, Bartholomew, laborer , es. Carond. av., b. Picotte
and Trudeau
Riehl, Edward, grocer , ws. Carond. av., b. Marion and
Rieker, Christian, laborer , ws. Buel, b. Sidney & Lynch
Rieker, Henry, cabinet maker , ss. Convent, b. 3d & 5th
Riemele, Mrs. Veronita, widow, es. Carond. av., b. Em-
mett & Lesperance
Riepenkroger, Herman, shoemaker , ns. Locust, b. Main
and 2d
Hies, Adam, blacksmith , ws. 9th, b. Chambers & Webster
Rieser, Christoph, stone mason , ns. Emmett, b. Carond.
av.avenue & Jackson
Riess, John, porter , al. b. 10th & 1lth, Carr & Wash
Riesterer, Peter, cabinet maker , ws. 8th, b. Wash & Carr
Rietz, George, helper , ne. cor. 5th & St. Charles
Riffle, Louisa, widow, ns. St. Charles, b. 8th & 9th
Rigdon, C. H., St. Louis scale manuf. , 14n.north 2d
Riger, Francis, medical student, hoards se. cor. Wash &
Riggin, James, porter at Anderson & Conn’s, r. ss. Lo-
cust, b. 3d and 4th
Riggin, John, auctioneer and real estate agent , 43
Chesnut,r.residence 91 s.south 5th
RigginJohn, jr., auctioneer , r. 91 s.south 5th
Riggs, Lawrason, (R. & Levering) r. ws. 7th, b. Chou-
teau av.avenue & Hickory
Riggs & Levering , wholesale grocers 25n.north Front, &
candle factoryns.north side. Park av., w. of 7th
Rigor, Albert S., chair manuf. ns. Wash, b. 7th and 8th,
r. ws. 2d, b. Wash and Carr
Rik, Lawrcnce, barber , ns. Fr. av., w. of 24th
Rike, Henry, laborer , sw. cor. 8th and Carr
Riker, John A., recruiting sergeant U. S. A., 192n.north 4th
Riley, Allen T., chair maker 161n.north 4th, r. ns. Morgan, b.
10th and 11th
Riley, Christy & Co. , wholesale grocers, 32n.north Front
Riley, Francis O., policeman
Riley, James E., furniture ware room , 161n.north 4th
Riley, James M., (R., Christy & Co.) r. in country
Riley, John, porter 70 Front, r. es. 2d, near Biddle
Riley, John, s. b. wrecker , r. ws. Collins, b. Ashley and
Riley, Michael, porter at 190n.north Main
Riley, Wm. H., boot and shoe manuf. ws. B’way, b.
Monroe andn.north Market, r. ws. B’way, n. of Spring
Rimmer, Samuel, Washington saloon , 88 & 90n.north 4th,r.residence
nw. cor. 4th and Olive
Rindbold, John, striker at Gaty, McCune & Co.’s, r. es.
12th, b. Biddle and O’Fallon
Rindel, Jacob, cooper , es. Columbus, b. Barry & Miller
Rinehart, Benj, tobacconist , ns. Fr. av., b. 14th & 15th
Ring, Corn lius. grocer , ss. Morgan, b. 16th& 17th
Ring, Edward, lard oil factory , ws. 17th, b. Fr. av. and
Ring, Martin, , clerk at 278 B’way, r. ne. cor. 5th and
Fr. av
Ringel, Philip, wood dealer , 129 s.south 3d, ups
Ringer, John, carpenter , es. Jackson, b. Marion and
Ringling, Francis, (Berthoud & Son) r. es. 9th, b.
Chesnut and Pine
Ringshaus, Conrad, blacksmith , es. 9th, b. Wash and
Ringstmeyer, Conrad, blacksmith at Kelman’s, ns. Wash.
av., b. 8th and 9th
Rinniff, Thomas, laborer , al. b. 7th & 8th & Market &
Rinpka, Frederick, grocery , 243 Market
Rintzing, Charles S., olerk at 20 Com’l, boards Centre, b.
Market and Clark av
Riordon, James, salesman at Brownlee, Homer & Co.’s ,
boards Monroe house
Ripley, J. D., M. D. , office 164n.north 4th,r.residence 135 Greene
Ripley, Sarah, dress maker , ns. Greene, b. 5th & 6th
Rippe, Ferdinand, miller , ws. B’way, b. Jefferson and
Rippe, Frederick Christian, drayman , as. Wash, b. 17th
and 18th
Rippey, John, plumber , 94 Washington av
Rippey, Joseph, bellows maker , ws. 13th, b. Fr. av. and
Rippey, Matthew, lumber yard, nw. cor. 7th & Market,
r. nw. cor. 15th and Poplar
Rippey, Thomas Y., bellows maker , ws. 13th, b. Fr. av.
and Wash
Rirdon, Patrick, drayman , ns. Florida, b. Main and 2d
Riseck, John, wagon and blacksmith shop, 274 s.south 2d
Riser, Philip, wagon maker , ws. Jackson, b. Miller and
Risk, F. W.editor of Review, boards se. cor. 6th and
Riske, Casper H., laborer , ws. 15th, b. Wash & Carr
Riske, Joseph, laborer , ws. 15th, b. Wash & Carr
Rislers, Henry, M. D. ne. cor. 6th & Wash
Risley, David R., county assessor , office at court
house, r. 116 Walnut
Risley, Wm.r. 112 Walnut
Risley, Wm. S., paying teller at Lucas and Simonds,
boards 112 Walnut
Rissel, Patrick, laborer , sw. cor. Main and Howard
Ritchie, Edward, laborer , 148 Biddle, b. 8th and 9th
Ritchie, James, carpenter , 304ws.west side. 5th
Ritchil, Joseph, engineer at Eagle foundry, se. cor. Bates
and 2d
Rittel, Sabastian, laborer , ws. Jackson, b. Barry and
Bitter, August, painter , ns. Lesperance, b. Carondelet av
& Jackson
Ritter, Christian, painter , es. Carond. av., b. Lesperanee
and Picotte
Ritter, Hermann, (R. & Sommer) se. cor. 3d and Elm
Ritter & Sommer , apothecary store , 41 se. cor. 3d &
Ritter, Wm., auction and sale stable , sw. eor. B’way &
Carr, r. es. 21st, b. Morgan and Fr. av
Ritter, Wm., baker , es. 9th, s.south of Warren
Ritter, Wm., machinist at Dowdall & Co.’s , r. Missouri
Ritterskamp, Louis, clerk , 64 Main
Rives, Thomas L., druggist , se. cor. 4th and Market,
boards 39n.north 6th
Rivweler, Franz, carpenter , nw. cor. 13th and Carr
Roach, David, fruit pedler , es. 9th, b. Greene and Wash-
ington av
Roach, David, laborer , nw. cor. 16th & O’Fallon
Roach, Franklin, gas fitter , 125n.north 3d
Roach, Hannah, ns. Greene, b. 10th and 11th
Roach, John, laborer , nw. cor. 10th & Biddle, ups
Roach, Richard, laborer , 222n.north 2d, ups
Roach, Thomas, clerk , 165n.north Main, boards at Mo. hotel
Roan, Patrick, drayman , cs. 17th, b. Christy av.avenue and
Roath, Charles J., printer at Republican oflice
Robar, Henry, blacksmith , es. al. b. Mulberry & Cedar &
3d & 4th
Robb, Addison, clerk at Robb & Harrison’s, r. ss. north
Market, b. 9th & B’way
Robb, A. W.salesman , 137n.north Main, r. ss. Olive, b. 8th
and 9th
Robb, Barlow, shoemaker , r. es. 14th, b. Carr & Wash
Robb & Co. , fashionable hatters, 67n.north 4th
Bobb, Conrad, shoemaker , es. 14th, b. Wash & Carr
Robb, Findley, (R. & Co.) r. es. 6th, b. Morgan and
Fr. av
Robb & Harrison , hay press and feed store, nw. cor. 2d &
n.north Market
Robb, R. K., printer , boards 16 s.south 4th
Robb, Samuel, (R. & Harrison) ss. n. Market,w.west. of
Robb, Thomas E., saddler , ns. Biddie,e.east of 14th
Bobbins, David M., bricklayer , ss. Wash. av. b. 10th
and 11th
Robbins, E. H., restaurant, 45n.north 4th,r.residence 71 Chesnut
Robbins, Henry, bricklayer , ss. Almond b. 3d & 4th
Robbins, John E., (Vinson & Co.) es. 10th, b. Labeaume
and Webster