The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Bporieder, Louis, salesman , 135n.north Main, r. ss. Wash, b.
15th & 16th
Sprague, A., tailor , 29 Olive, r. se. cor. 3d & Locust
Sprague, Francis, salesman , 21 Com’l,r.residence Christy av., b.
18th and 19th
Spratljy, James E., shoemaker , es. 14th,n.north of Chambers
Spree, Joseph, drayman , ws. 7th, b. Biddle & Carr, ups
Sprehn, Diederich F., cabinet maker , r. ns. Fr. av., b.
Sprick, Conrad, blacksmith , es. 14th, b. Biddlo & Carr
Bprfck, William, tailor , ss. Convent, b. 3d & oth
BprigeJames , R., dept. suit. & clerk at Custom house,
T 29 s.south 4th
Springer, Charles H., clerk at Ganter’s,r.residence 85n.north 4th
Springer, Eliza, widow, ss. Fr. av., b. 20th & 21st
Springer, Henry, salesman , 50 Main,r.residence Merritt house
Springer, Henry, wood pettier , ws. 12th, s.south of Benton
Springlemeuer, John, porter , 32n.north Front, r. al., b. 11th
& 12th, & Biddle & O’Fallon
Springmeyer, Frederick, carpenter , ws, 16th,n.north of
Springmeyer, Frederick, carpenter , ws. 16th,n.north of
Spiingrneyer, Frederick W., cabinet maker & furniture
store, 122 Fr. av., r. ns. Fr. av., b. 16th & 17th
Springmeyer, William, carpenter , ws. 16th,n.north of Jjiddlc
Spritzelbach, William, brick layer , se. cor. Menard and
Park av
Sproll, Andrew, laborer , 160n.north 8th, ups
Sproule A. W. & Co. , clothing store, nw. cor. Main
& Vine,r.residence Virginia hotel
Sproule, Robert, clerk 120n.north Main,r.residence Missouri hotel
Spuhler, llenry, brick layer , es. Jackson, b. Miller and
Spurr, Henry, clerk at Snyder’s, r. ns. Morgan,e.east of 21st
Spurs, George, farmer , nw. cor. 5th & Myipe
Squier, Abner, cooper , es. B’dway,n.north of Monroe
Sguike, John, (S & Reed) ne. cor. Leffingwell av.avenue &
Squire & Reed , dealers in iron, 23n.north Front
Squires, Stephen, carpenter at Weston & R.,r.residence 137n.north 3d
St. Andrae, Mrs., widow, se. cor. Front & Mullanphy
St. Andre, Ni-holas.cigar maker , 250n.north 11th
St. Ange, Louis, policeman , ss. Cedar, b. 2d & 3d
St. Charles, Tavern, Charles, Abel, nw. cor. 11th and Fr.
St. Clair, Augustus, caulker , r. es. B’dway, b. Florida &
St. Clair, Louis, sawyer , ws. 15th,n.north of Montgomery
St. Clair, Nathan, bar-keeper , 295 B’dway
St. George, Church, ns. Locust,w.west. of 7th
St. George Market House , nw. cor. Carond. avenue and
St. John’s Church , catholic, es. 16th, b. Chcsnut & Pine
St. John’s Chruch , evangelical, Rev.John J.Reiss, , se.
cor.corner 14th & Madison
St. John, John, laborer , es. 14th, b. Biddle & Carr
St. John, Mrs. J., widow, ss. Myrtle, b. 2d & 3d
St. John, William, contractor , es. 11th, b. Fr. av. and
St. John, Wiiliam, laborer , ss. Walnut, b. 8th & 9th
St. Joseph’s Male Orphan Asylum Catholic , ne. curner
15th & clark av
St. Lager, Mary, widow, ne. cor. 11th & Carr
St. Louis Christian Advocate News office
St. Louis Democrat News office
St. Louis Engine house , se. cor. 3d & Locust
St. Louis Evening News office , at Intelligencer office
St. Louis Exchange , 11. Haupt, 8 b. Main
St. Louis Floating Dock & Ins.Co. , 69n.north Main
St. Louis Floating Dry Dock , (Brqoks D. & C.) office es.
Lewis, s.south of Ashley
St. Louis Gas Light Co. , ns. Pine, b. 2d & 3d
St. Louis Hall , L.Moechel, , sw. cor. B’way & Biddle
St. Louis Hat Co. , J.Henwood, , agent, se. corner 2d and
St. Louis Insurance Co. , se. cor. Olive & Main
St. Louis Intelligencer office , ws. 3d, s.south of Locust
St. Louis Irish Eruigant Society , J. P.Nolan, , see, 61
St. Louis Iron Mountain R. R. office , sw. cor. Chesnut
and Main
St. Louis Marine Pry Dock & Saw Mill , M Allister &
Co. , es. Main, foot of Howard
St. Louis Marine Ins.Co. , sw. cor. Locust & Main
St. Louis Mutual Fire & Marine Ins.Co. , sw. cor. 2d &
St. Louis Perpetuol Ins.Co. , ne. cor. Main & Olive
St. Louis Planing Mill, Wade, Stille & Co. , ws. 13th,
n.north of O’Fallon
St. Louis Presbyterian News office , 88½ Market
St. Louis Public School office , ss. Market, b. 4th & 5th
St. Louis Republican News office , ns. Chesuut, b. Main
& 2d
St. Louis Shot Tower , Kennett, Simonds & Co. , ws.
Lewis, b. Bates & Smith
St. Louis Sugar Hennery , Belcher & Brother , nw. corner
Lewis & O’Fallon
St. Louis Tavern , A.Krautler, , ne. comer Greene and
St. Louis University , ss. Greene, b. 9th & 11th
St. Mary’s Church , catholic, es. 3d, b. Cedar & Mul-
St. Michel, Edward, dry goods, 94n.north 4th
St. Patrick’s Church , catholic, nw. cor. 6th & Biddle
St. Paul’s Church , Rev.Wm. A.Leach, , rector, se. cor.
5th & Wash
St. Pierre, Edmund, drayman, ss. Wash b. 17th & 18th
St. Vincent Free & Select School , se. cor. 10th and St.
Staar, George, chicken huckster , r. 19in.north 4th
Stacey, James, tailor , ws. 5th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Stacey, William F., builder , office es. 5tb, b. Biddle and
Carr, r. 109 Carr
Stack, James, laborer , ws. 14th, s.south of Cass av
Stack, John, laborer , es. 10th, b. Greene & Morgan
Stacker, Joseph, tailor , 23 Chesnut, r. al., b. 5th & 6th &
Cerre & Jratiot
Stacker, Matilda, (c) es. 10th, b. Clark av.avenue & Walnut
Stnddman, John B., car man , nw. cor. 10th & Chambers
Stadenuan, John, laborer , ws. Fulton, b. Barry & Park
Stadler, Frnneis, axhandle manuf. , ns. Lesperance, b.
Carond. av. & Jackson
Stadler, Jacob, cigar store , 8S s.south 2d
Stadler, John, Stadt Regcnsburg , ne. cor. Decatur & La-
Stachlin, Christian, Phoenix beer-house, ne. cor. Lafay-
ette av.avenue & Carond. av
Staetler, Jacob, cooper , r. nw. cor. 2d & O’Fallon
Staetter, Paul, bakery , es. Buel, b. Enitnett & Lafayette
Stafer, Jacob, laborer , es. al., b. Carroll & Marion, and
Cdumbus & Jackson
Staffelbach, Joseph C, confectionery , 31 & 33 Market,
r.residence 55 Elui
Staffelbaeh, Michael, confectioner . 225 s.south 3d
Stafford, H.grocer , se. cor. 6th & Pine
Stafford, James, laborer , ws. 7th, b. Biddle & Carr
Stafford, James, laborer , es. 10th, s.south of Cass av
Stafford, John, laborer , ws. 6th, s.south of Cass av
Stufl, Martin, woodsawyer , ws. 9th,n.north of Biddle
Stage Office Western, nw. cor. 4th & Chesnut
Stage, William, tailor , es. 11th, b. Chambers & Madison
Stagg, Edward, see. Gas Light Co. , r. 17n.north 6th
Stagg, Henry, agt . N. Y. City Ins.Co. , 59n.north Main,r.residence
locust,e.east of 7th
Btahl, George, shoemaker , 16 Chesnut
Stahl, Jacob, laborer , ws. Hosey, b. Calhoun & Emmett
Stahl, John, stone mason , sw. corner Curondelet av.avenue and
Stahlberg, Charles, confectioner , 250 B’dwny
Stahlpele, Adam, laborer , es. Congress, b. Uuchouquette
and Laini
Stalls, Vieth, brick maker , ss. Marion, b. 7th & Fulton
Stainin, Henry, clothing store, 202 s.south 2d-
Stmm, Henry, tailor , 190 s.south 2d
Stamm, Herman, laborer , 287 s.south 7th
Stcmm, Jacob, laborer , 287 s.south 7th
Stunim, John, laborer , ns. Lafayette, b. Decatur and