The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Stolte, Casper, quarrier , ws. High, 8. of O’Fallon
Stolte, Frederick, laborer , 268n.north 7th
Stolte, Frederick R.teamster , ws. 9th, s.south of Case av
Stoltmann, Francis, brewer at Lafayette brewery
Stomberg, Henry, laborer , ns. Biddle,w.west. of 9th
Stomes, Joseph H.tinner , r. es. 3d, b. Greene & Wash av
Stone, ——(S. Boomer & Co.) non resident
Stone, Abby, teacher in Webster school
Stone, Albert, mate , r. ns. Labeaume, b. 9th & 10th
Stone, Boomer & Co. roof & bridge builders, 77 Chesnut
Stone C. W. & Co. wholesale clothing, 166n.north Main
Stone, Charles W.(S. & Co.) r. Va. hotel
Stone, Daniel, moulder , ss. O’Fallon,e.east of 7th
Stone, Frederick, baker shop , ws. Centre, b. Clari av.avenue &
Market, r. ne. cor. Centre & Clark av
Stone, H. E.builder , r.U. S. hotel
Stone, Isaac H.carpenter at Stacey’s, r. es. 13th, b. Fr.
av.avenue & Wash
Stone, James, shoe maker , ss. Fr. av. b. 14th & 15th
Stone, John, machinist , ss. Ashley, b. 2d & Collins
Stone, John D.carpenter , es. 13th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Stene, John P.ship carpenter , es. 12th, b. Carr & Wash
Stone, John P.ship carpenter , ss. Columbia,w.west. of Collins
Stone, R. H.wholesale grocer , 57n.north Front, r. U. S.
Stone, William, book keeper , r. ss. Gay, b. 14th & 15th
Stone, William H.r. ss. Gay, b. 14th & 15th
Stoneburg, John Fred.clerk at Teobe’s
Stoneburner, Joseph, painter , ns. Randolph, b. 12th and
Stonehill, Joseph, fancy toys 201 B’way, r. ws. 3d, b.
Greene & Wash. av
Stonner, Herman, clerk at nw. cor. 2d & Ashley
Stoops, William, flour Inspector , nw. cor. Com’l & Olive,
r.residence 317 s.south 5th
Stor, David, laborer , ws. Carond. av. b. Anna & Lynch
Storch, Catharine, widow, ws. 8th, b. Lafayette & Soulard
Storch, Frederick, saddler , ws. Jackson, b. Barry & Miller
Storch, Magdalena, widow, ws. Jackson, b. Carroll and
Storck, John, grocer , 107 s.south 7th
Store, John, finisher at Gaty, McC. & Co.’s r. sw. cor. 2d
& Ashley
Storff, Lorenz, laborer , es. 13th. b. Biddle and Carr
Stork, Casper, works at Belcher’s, r. ws. 9th,n.north of Biddle
Stork, Conrad, wagon maker , sw. cor. 13th & Wash
Stock, Herman, teamster , nw. cor. 17th & Biddle
Stork, Sophia, widow, ns. Hickory, b. Boone and Pro-
Storke, Peter, laborer , es. Carond. av. b. Duchouquette &
Storms, Joseph C.tinner , 70n.north 2d, r. ns. Charles, b. 3d
and 4th
Stortz, Henry, tailor , es. 9th, b. Biddle & Carr
Stortz, Matthias, cooper , ws. Jackson, b. Barry & Marion
Story, John, porter , 107n.north Main, r. ws. 7th, b. Fr. av. &
Storz, Valentine, shoe maker , 82 Market
Stouffer, Samuel, grocer , es. 7th, b. Carr & Wash
Stout, B. F.clerk , 32n.north 4th,r.residence 15 s.south 7th
Stout, Jacob, carpenter , ws. 7th, s.south of Cass av
Stout, Joseph, gilder , 289 s.south 5th
Stout, Miss Louise, millinery shop , 311 s.south 2d
Stout M. & N. H. hardware &, cutlery, 181n.north Main
Stout, Moses, (M. & N. H. S.) r. es. 6th, b. Locust and
Stout, Nathaniel H.(M. & N. H. S.) non resident
Stoutenborg, Jacob, ship carpenter , sw. cor. 6th & Biddle
Stover, Mrs. Eliza, widow, ws. al. b. 3d & 4th, Cedar &
Straat, John N.notary public , office ns. Pine, b. 2d
and 3d
Straatmann, Francis H. works at Belcher’s, r. es. Col-
lins, s.south of Bates
Strack, Henry, stone mason , es. 14th, b. Biddle & Carr
Strader, Sebastian, miller , 273 Market ups
Stradtmann, August, clerk at Nicholson’s, r. ss. Myrtle,
b. 2d and 3d
Strakeliuhn, Alvert H. works at Belcher’s, r. es. 12th, s.south
of O’Fallon
Stranker, Nicholas, carpenter , es. Buel, b. Allen av.avenue and
Geyer av
Strany, Elizabeth, widow, ns. Buel,e.east of 7th
Stranze, Mena, widow, es. 12th,n.north of Biddle
Strasbarger, Charles, printer , r. Ham. b. Chouteau av.avenue &
Strasburg, Charles, painter , es. Provenchere, b. Chouteau
av.avenue and Hickory
Strasser, Jacob, cabinet maker , es. 7th, b. Ann av.avenue and
Strasser, John, Switzerland house, 51 s.south 2d
Stratemeier, Frederick, laborer , 226 s.south 3d ups
Strathmann, August, teamster , 76 s.south 2d
Strahtmann, Charles keeper , se. corner 3d and
Strahtmann, Frederick, hose maker , 37n.north 3d, r. ns. Ce-
dar, b. 2d & 3d
Strahtmann, Frederick W.saddlar at Sickle’s, ss. Fr. av.
b. 21st and 22d
Strahtmann, William, fireman in mill,ws.west side. 2d, b. Flori-
da & Mullanphy
Stratmann, Henry, grocer , nw. cor. 3d & Pine,r.residence
ws.west side. 5th, b. Almond and Spruce
Stratman, John T.cutter at Klein’s, r. ws. 7th, b. Fr.
av.avenue & Wash
Strattan, Levi, black smith , ne. cor. B’way and
Monroe, r. es. 15th, b. Spring & Wright
Strawbeck, Frederick, porter , es. 14th, b. Carr & Wash
Straub, Dennis R.butcher , es. 17th, b. Christy av.avenue and
Straube, Louis, tip house, es. 7th, b. Park av.avenue & Rutger
Straus, Harris, clerk , 352 B’way
Straus, Leopold R.dry goods and groceries , 245
Straus, M.salesman , 92n.north 4th, r. ws. 4th, b. Locust and
St. Charles
Straus, M.clerk on Front, b. Greene and Wash. av. r.
162n.north 3d
Strautman, Frederick, deck hand , r. al. b. 13th & 14th,
Fr. av. & Wash
Strautmann, Herman, laborer , es. 13th, b. Biddle & Carr
Strautmann, John Theo.tailor , 238n.north 7th
Strautmann, Mary E. widow ws. 9th,n.north of Biddle in rear
Streeter, L. keeper , r. City hotel
Streett, James, (J. S. & Co.) r. 191n.north 6th
Streett J. & Co. clothiers, 122n.north Main
Streett, Joseph, carpenter , ss. Morgan, b. 11th & 12th
Strehdach, Ignatz, baker , 328 s.south 3d
Strehle, Jacob, butcher , ws. Elizabeth, b. Geyer av.avenue and
Lafayette av
Strehle, Jacob, ws. 2d Carond. av. b. Geyer av.avenue and La-
fayette av
Streib, Magdalena, widow, ws. Columbus, b. Carroll and
Streit, William, cooper shops , nw. cor. Lafayette & Jack-
son, & 376 s.south 2d
Streitmilller, Charles, carpenter , al. b. 11th & 12th, Carr
and Wash
Streiz, Thomas, shoe maker , es. Columbus, b. Carroll and
Stretch, Bridget, widow, 179 Wash, b. 8th and 9th ups
Stretch, John, laborer , 179 Wash
Stretmerter, Valentine, foundry man , ns. Fr. av. b. 11th and 12th
Stricker, John, striker at Dowdall & Co.’s, r. es. 9th, b.
Carr & Wash
Stricker, Mary, widow, es. 9th, b. Carr and Wash
Strickland, George, stone mason , ns. Chambers, b. 9th &
Strike, Peter, plasterer , es. 12th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Striker, Francis, printer , sw. cor. 7th and Biddle
Striker, John H.laborer , al. b. 7th & 8th, Biddle & Carr
Stringer, Sarah, fruit store, 8 s.south 4th
Stringer, Thomas, salesman at Van Deventer’s
Stripe, John, black smith , r. es. 8th, b. Biddle and Carr
Stritter, George, book binder at Republican office, r. es.
Carond. av. s. of Emmett
Strode, Thomas V.(Roberts, Kerr & Co.) 49n.north Front
Stroder, Herman, machinist P. R. R. r. Pratte av. n. of