The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Woepfer, George, upholsterer , ns. Trudeau, b. Jackson &
Woerhdde, Henry, turner , es. 9th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Woerner, Gabriel, dark of Recorder’s Court, r. es. 7th, b.
Hickory & Labadie
Woesien, Frederick, (W. & Harig) r. ss. Morgan,
b. 9th & 10th
Woesten & Harig , hat manuf., 32 Fr. av., andsw.southwest
cor.corner Sd 4 Wash. av
Woestman, Henry, bakery, es. Carmd. av., b. Lafayette
arffl Emmett
Wogitchkii, Francis, butcher , ns. Sidney, b. Jackson and
Wohlieu, Rudolph, clerk sw. cor. 4th & Morgan,r.residence 48
Fr. av
Wokler, Joseph, huckster , ss. Elm, b. 2d & 3d
Wulering, John B., tailor and cutter 2 Main, r. ns. Fr.
av., b. 7th and 8th
Wolf, Abraham, tailor , ws. 11th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Wolf, Abram D., mate , r. ws. Sth, b. of Howard
Wolf, Anton, tailor shop,ns.north side. Market, b. 13th & 11th
Wolf, Oathanne, widow, 200 s.south 2d
Wolf, Charles, saddler 68n.north Main, r. ws. 3d, b. Chesnut
& Market
Wolf, Christian D., beer house, se. cor. Lafayette & Me-
Wolf, Frederick, clothier , ns. Fr. av., w. of 7th
Wolf, Frederick, grocer , 200 s.south 2d
Wolf, Frederick, weaver , ws. 7th. b. Park av.avenue & Bntger
Wolf, George, carpenter at Btaoey’a, r. sw. cor. 12th and
Fr. av
Wolf, George, carpenter , es. 7th, b. Lafayette and Sou-
lard, ups
Wolf, George, preacher , se. cor. Soulard & Jackson
Wolf, George G., steward , boards es. B’way, b. Columbia
and Ejyurida
Wolf, Henry, deck hand , es. 12th,n.north of Biddle
Wolf, Henry, tailor , ns. Soulard, b. Jackson & Columbus
Wolf, Hiram, engineer , ns. Carr, w. of 14th
Wolf, J. B., draper and tailor 50 Pine, r. ns. Clark av.avenue ,
b. 13th 4-Centre
Wolf, John, laborer , 2S7 s.south 2d
Wolf, John, prop’r and pub’r Dem. Press, r. ns. Market,
b. 3d & 4th
Wolf, John Thomas, wood sawyer , ns. Madison, b. 9th &
Wolf, Joseph, bakery, se. Greene, b. Main and 2d,
r.residence 5th, near Fr. av
Wolf, Louis, St. Louis Beer Hall. 28n.north 3d
Wulf, M., clark sw. oor. B’wuy & Greene, boards se. cor.
3d and Greene
Wolf, Martin, laborer , se. oor. Fulfon & Lafa3’ette
Wolf, Philip, barber , ss. Myrtle, b. 2d & Main
Wolf, Philip, laborer , ws. 1 Oth, s.south of Madison
Wolf, Philip, rope maker , 202 8th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Wolf, Theodore, (W. & Engert) paper haaginin, 43 s.south 2d
Wolf, Wm., cabinet maker , ws. Easton, b. Vijtor and
Wolf, Wm.. clerk at Kruse. ss. Fr. av., b. 5th & fith
Wolfersbjrger, Joseph, tailor , ss. Park av., b. 7th and
Wolff C. & Co. , stoves and hollow ware, 175 & 177n.north
Wolff, Chablbs. (C W. & Co.) 193 & 195n.north Main
Wolff, Frederiok, clothier , 105 Fr. av
Woltl, George M., Venetian blind manuf. , 145 Locust,r.residence
73 Center
Wolff & Hoppb , fancy goods, 161n.north Main
Wolff, Henry, cabinet maker , ss. Biddle, b. llth & 12th
Wolff, John, (W. & Hoppe) r. Bremen
Wolff, Joshua B., tailor , r. ns. Clark av., b. 13th and
Wolff, Louis(C. W. & Co.) non-resident
Wolff, Marcus A., book keepec at l’resbury’s, r. ws. 10th,
b. Fr. av. and Wash
Wolff, Wm., (c. W. & Co) non-resident
Wolfington, Wm. P., saddler , 60n.north 3d
WolllBt, Frederiok, stone cutter , ss. Fr. av., b. 21st and
Wolfmeier, Henry, laborer , ws. 9th b. Carr & Biddle
Wolfrun, George, laborer , al. b. Barry & Marion,e.east of
Wolgemutha, Frederick, tailor , shop 47 s.south 2d
Wolke, Francis M., clerk , ws. Carond. av., b. Park av.avenue &
Wolkoff, Charles, finisher at McM. & Pawley’s, r. ws.
11th, b. Fr. av. & Morgan
Wollkopf, Rudolph, school teacher , ss. Chouteau av., b.
7th & Paul
Wolper, Jacob, brewer , ws. Closey, b. Calhoun & Emmett
Wolpert, Sebastian, shoemaker , ns. al. b. 5th & 6th
Wylthaus, Henry, carpenter , ss. Orchard, b. Bailow and
Woltman, Gustave, (E. Eggers & Co.) 1G9n.north Main
Wiltmaim, Henry, shoe maker , ws. 7 th, b. Carr and
Wonder, Frederick, cooper , es. 9 th, b. Lebeaume and
Wonderaw, Valentin, tailor , ss. Lafayette, b. 7th and
Wonderly & Haydel , rectifiers and distillers of liquors, 5
s.south Front, ups
Wonderly, Jocob, (Boncau & W.) r. es. 7th, b. Olive and
Wondeily, Joseph, plasterer , r. ns. Chesnut, b. 14th and
Wondeily, Peter, (W. & Haydel) r. se. cor. 15th ft Market
Wonul, ——, teacher of music, se. cor. Miller and Ca-
rond. av
Wood, A. A., ale and porter dealer , boards at Virginia
Wood A. & A. & Co. alo and porter depot, 79 & 81n.north
Wood, Alfred, blacksmith , ws. Main, b. Mullanphy and
Wood, Chailes H., salesman 151n.north Main, boards at Mon-
roe House
Wood, Dennis, porter 7n.north Main,r.residence Almond, h. 3d & 4th
Wood, E. B., (Thompson & Co.) r. Myrtle, b. 5th it 6th
Wood, Edward, tobacco mould maker , r. ws. loth, b.
Christy av.avenue & Orange
Wood, Edwin, salesman 7n.north Main,r.residence Almond, b. 3d and
Wood, E. K., bookseller 120 Walnut
Wood F. M. & Co. , wholesale dothiara 2n.north Main
Wood, Frederick M., (F. M. W. & Co.) boards at
U. B. Hotel
Wood, Gardner, dagiurvean artist . 60 1-2 Market
Wood, Henry E., (Rodgers & Co.) r. ns. St. Cliarles, b.
6th and 7th
Wood, Jason, billiavd saloon , es. Oth, s.south of Benton
Wood, John, deck hand , r. ws. 13th, b. Uaik av.avenue and
Wood, Joseph W.bricklayer , r. nw. cor. 3d & Market
Wood, O. J., M. D. , 124 Market,r.residence 95 Market
Wood & Silence , tailor shop, s Greene
Wood, Stephen W., dept. sheriff , ss. Labeamne,w.west. of Oth
Wood, Thomas, book keeper 1 s.south Front, boardsn.north 3d, near
Wood, Thomas, (W. & Silence) r. cs. Collins, b. Biddle &
Wood, Wm.Mate, grocer , ws. High,n.north of Biddle
Wood, Wm. keeper 87n.north Main, r. cs. Sth, b.
Pine and Olive
Woodburn, Jacob, spoke factory , es. B’dway, b.
O’Fallon & Ashley
Woodoook, John. foreman at Risley’s pork house, ws. 2d.
b. Basel & Lombard
Woodeook, Bamatl, laborer , es. 6th, b. Cerre & Gratiot
Woodley, Stephen, (o) drayman , es. Oth, b. Cerre and
Woodlock, David, drayman , ws. 15th, b. Christy av.avenue and
Woodlock, John, clerk at Maguer’s, ne. eor. 7th and
Woodloek, Mieluul, lalnirer , ws. 17th. b. Christy av.avenue and
Woodman, H. T., auctioneer , es. 2d. b. Locust & Olive
Woodman, Joseph H., baker , es. 12th, s.south of Olive
Woodroof, John, fmndiyinan , 81 s.south 14th