The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Allen & Wendover , grocers, 222 Broadway
Allen, William S., r. in country
Allen & Wright , carpenters and builders, 75n.north 3d
Allendifer, Ch’ls, tailor , al. b. 7th & 8th & Carr & Biddle
Allendorfer, Charles, tailor , 148n.north 3d, r. s. s. Biddle, b.
7th and 8th
Alles, Henry J., saddle and harness maker , 234 Market
Alleyne, J. S. B., com. mer.commission merchant , e. s. 10th, b. Lo’st & Olive
Alleyne, J. S. B., M. D. , r. e. S. 10th,n.north Olive
Algaier, John, tinner , 57n.north 2d, n. e. cor. Main & Myrtle
Allgeyer, Alfred, tailor , r. n. w. corner 21st and Wash
Allington, John, carman , r. s. s. Spring, b. 9th and 10th
Allison, Erasmus, engineer , n. s. Carr, b. 16th and 17th
Allison, Joel F., engineer , r. w. s. Carr, b. 16th and 17th
Almedia, Wm. H., druggist , s. s. Wash, b. 9th & 10th
Almering, Andreas, shoemaker , r. w. s. Fulton, b. Bar-
ry and Marion
Almshoff, Fred., works at (Belcher’s) r. s. s. O’Fallon,
b. Lewis and Front
Almstedt, Henry, streetinsp.inspector. 1st Ward, r. w. s.
Carondelet av., b. Park av.avenue and Barry
Almstedt, Julia, widow, r. w. s. 7th, 136
Alpmann, Matthias, wood sawyer , al. b. 8th & 9th, and
Wash and Carr
Alsberg, Morris, painter , e. s. 10th, b. Market & Waln’t
Alston, Albert S., hatter , 102n.north Main, r. U. S. Hotel
Alt, Henry, (A. & Shannon,) wood office 30 Front,ws.west side.
Altemus, John F., gents furnishing store, 126n.north
3d, r. n. w. corner 3d and Wash. av
Altenbirn, Christian, butcher , r. w. s. 3d in rear of 330
Altenheim, Frederick, teamster , r. s. s. Hamtramck, b.
Emmett and Geyer av.avenue
Alter, Clara, widow, r. e. s.residence 13th, s.south O’Fallon
Alter, James O., clerk at Goodwin & Tooker’s , r. w. s.
10th, b. Wash and Carr
Alter, Capt.Wm., steamboat agent , office 69n.north Front,
r. w. s. 10th, b. Carr and Wash
Alter, William F., clerk , r. w. S. 10th, b. Wash & Carr
Althan, Henry, clerk at Heuer Exchange
Althause, Henry, carpenter , w. s. Stoddard av. b. Hick-
ory and Chouteau av.avenue
Althof, Frederick, laborer , r. e. s.residence 14th, s.south Cass av.avenue
Althof, Henry, laborer , r. s. e. corner 13th and Wash
Altinger, Charles, gun smith , 27 Market
Altman, Samuel, carpenter , 98n.north 2d, r. es. 3d, b Greene
and Washington av.avenue
Altmeyer, Wm., tailor , 29 Olive, s. e. cor. 5th & Frank-
lin av.avenue
Alto —F.Crump, , ne. corner 11th and Wash
Alton, Henry, pilot , r. e. s.residence Main, 109 up’s
Alvarez, Geo. B., salesman at 94n.north 4th, r. w. s. 14th,
near Biddle Alvarez Joseph, merchant, 170 3d
Alvord, Joshua N., sup’t O. & Miss. teleg’ph line , r. s. s.
Morgan, b. 6th and 7th
Ambrose, James W., moulder at Singletons & Co. , r. n.
w.west. corner Biddle and Broadway
Ambrosini, Antonio P., Independence House, 45
Front, r. w. s. 13th, b. Wash and Carr
Ambruster, Henry, carpenter , e. s. 8th, b. Carr & Biddle,
Ambruster, Julius, cooper , 199n.north 2d
Ambs & Lae , importers of wines, liquors and cigars, 9
s. s. Pine
Ambs, Jacob, ice dealer , e. s. 17th, bt. Clark av & Mrkt
Ambs, Peter, (A. & Lae,) r. Camp Spring Garden
Ambs, Peter, coffee house Camp Spring Garden, r. s. s.
Market, b. 19th and 20th
Amburn, Julius, wagon-maker , r. 168n.north 8th, up’s
Amers, Valentine, river man , r. s. s. Wood, b. Short and
Amelung, Fredrick, clerk , r. n. e. corner Soulard and
Carondelet av.avenue
Amelung, Henry, milkman , r. e. s.residence Columbus, b. Carroll
and Soulard
Amende, Wm., bakery n. s. Chouteau av., b. 7th & 8th
American Express Co. , 56n.north Main, (Livingston,
Fargo & Co.,) O. Packard agent
American Bible Depository , Keith & Woods agent
American Hotel , n. e. cornern.north 2d and Vine
American S. S. Depository , A. W.Corey, , agent, 68
American Temperance Life Insurance Co. of Hartford
American Tract Depository , Rev.C.Peabody, , agent, 61
Amery, Samuel, millwright , r. s. w. cor. 9th & Carr
Ames Henry & Co. , pork house 276 & 280n.north Main
Ames, Henry, (A. & Co.,) r. Virginia hotel
Ames, Edgar, (A. & Co.,) r. Virginia hotel
Ames, Phillis,(c) washwoman . 223n.north 2d
Ames, Thos., (c) drayman at Ames & Co’s , 272n.north Main
Amiss, Alphes, clerk 4 s.south Main, r. se. cor. 3d and Elm
Amiss, J. H., clerk 62 Market, r. se. cirner 3d and Elm
Amman, Lawrence, barber , 265 Market
Ammann, Mrs.Catherine, dress maker , 274 Market
Ammann, Wm., b’klayer , ss. Lafayette, b. 7th & Fult’n
Amps, Jacob, ice dealer , r. es. 17th, s.south Market
Amos, Charles, carpenter , es. 8th, b. Carr and Biddle
Amos, Thomas, carpenter , es. 8th, b. Carr and Biddle
Amos, Thomas, pilot , r. es. 13th, b. Frank. av. & Wash
Amsler, John, tailor , sw. corner 11th and O’Fallon
Amson, Adolph, dry goods dealer , es. 15th, b. Franklin
av.avenue and Wash
Anders & Bens , architect office 38n.north Main, up’s
Anders, Theodore, (A. & Bens.) ws. 4th, b. Elm & Wa’nt
Anderson, Alex C., (S. M. Edgell & Co.,) r Mon-
roe house
Anderson, Alex. G., clerk 71n.north Main,r.residence 14 s.south Market
Anderson, Alex. M., col. for mer. lib. asso’n , r. ws. 14th
b. Clark av.avenue and Market
Anderson, Andrew, river watchman , ws. 12th, b. Frank-
lin av.avenue and Wash
Anderson, Archibald, clerk nw. cor. Main and Vine,r.residence
Planter’s house
Anderson, Cere. (c) w’hwoman , ns. Alm’d, b. Main & 2d
Anderson, Charles, (c.) porter and lost child bell ringer ,
37 Locust, r. ss. Myrtle, b. 6th and 7th
Anderson, Charles, printer at Intelligencer office
Anderson, Cha’s S., clerk 54 Market, r. se. cor. 3d & Elm
Anderson & Conn , boat store 51n.north Front
Anderson, Cordelia, widow al. b. 7th & 8th, & Carr and
Anderson, David, boarding house 64 1-2 Market
Anderson, Elizabeth, widow, ns. St. Ch’les, b. 8th & 9th
Anderson, George, carpenter , ne. corner 8th and Biddle
Anderson, Horace, clerk at Gill & Bro’s , 118n.north Main
Anderson, Isabella, (c) 127 Elmns.north side.
Anderson, Jacob, sailm’r , ns. Frank. av., b. 12th & 13th
Anderson, James, saddler , r. Frederick house
Anderson, James, surveyor , r. ws. 8th,n.north Biddle
Anderson, James S., clerk at 147n.north Main,r.residence 17th, b.
Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Anderson, John, laborer , ws. High, b. Biddle & O’Fallon
Anderson John J. & Co. , bankers, 74nw.northwest corner
Main & Olive
Anderson, John J., (A. & Co.,) r. ns. Walnut, b.
6th and 7th
Anderson, John R., (c) pas. 2d African B. Church, r. ss.
Gay, b. 14th and 15th
Anderson, Kirk, loc. ed. Rep., r. ws. 6th, b. Greene and
Anderson, Lewis, (c) porter , al. b. Myrtle & Spruce and
5th and 6th
Anderson, Mary, widow, es. 13th, b. Wash & Carr, rear
Anderson, Reuben L., teller at J. J. Anderson & Co’s ,
r. Planter’s honse
Anderson, R., policeman , ws. 11th, b. Howard & B’klyn
Anderson, S., pub. St. L. Price Current at Intel, office
Anderson, Rev.S. P., pas. cen. Pres. ch., r. ns. Locust
W. 8th
Anderson, Susan, (c) w’hwoman , es. Centre, b. Clark av.avenue
and Market
Anderson, Tho’s, (c) dr’yman , al. b. 10th & 11th, s.south Mkt
Anderson, Thomas A., clerk , ns. Carr, e. 15th
Anderson, Wm., rectifier and wholesale dealer in liquors,
7 Pine, r. nw. corner 6th and Walnut
Anderson, Wm. C, pension agent , r. ne. cor. 7th & Lo’st
Anderson, Wm. C., Jr., (A. & Conn.) r. se. cor. 7th
and Locust
Anderson, Wm. F., (wiggins & A.,) Planter’s house
Anderson, Wm. H., (D. Tatum & Co.,) r. ws. 8th,
b. Market and Walnut