The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Cox, Michael, laborer , ws. 9th, b. Fr. av. and Morgan
Cox, Peter, (c) barber , shop 22 Greene
Cox, Thomas, moulder , ws. 6th, s.south of Cass av.avenue , in rear
Cox, Wm., Chouteau av., b. 11th and 12th
Cox, Wm., clerk at S. & J. Hale’s, r. ns. Olive, b. 2d & 3d
Coxe, Geo. G., r. nw, cor. Provenchere and Hickory
Coy, Abraham, engineer on Lower Miss., r. 156 Pine
Coye, Geo. C., salesman at North & Scott’s,r.residence Monroe
Coyle, Bernard, works at Belcher’s, r. es. 8th, s.south of Mul’y
Coyle, James, locksmith , 243n.north 5th
Coyle, John, engineer , r. ws. 14th, b. Fr. av. and Wash
Coyle, Matthew, plasterer , ns. Fr. av,, b. 16th and 17th
Coyle, Michael, ns. Christy av., w. of 16th
Coyle, Patrick, laborer , ws. 17th, s.south of O’Fallon
Coyle, Patrick, stone mason , r. ns. Gratiot, b. 10th & 11th
Coyle, Perry P., trader , r. ws. 21st, b. Fr. av. & Morgan
Cozens & O’Flaherty , surveyors and engineer s. 39
Cozens, Wm. H., (C. & O’Flaherty) r. ne. cor. 7th and
Cozzens, Frederick S., mineralogist , r. es. 10th, b. Mont-
gomery and Spring
Cozzens, James, laborer , se. cor. O’Fallon and Lewis
Cozzens, Wm. F., (Hull & C.) r. ss. Grand av.avenue , near Lin-
dell av
Crabtree, Pellman, mate , r. ns. Morgan, b. 17th & 18th
Craehsen, Elizabeth, widow, r. se. cor. Congress and Du-
Craft, Henry, printer , r. ss. O’Fallon,w.west. of 7th
Craft, Moses, engineer at Democrat office, r. ws. Collins, b.
Carr and Biddle
Craft, Moses B., printer , r. ws. Collins, b. Carr & Biddle
Craig, Alexander, (C. & Hambleton) r. B’way, b.
Carr & Biddle
Craig, Ann, widow, 195n.north 5th
Craig & Hambleton , blacksmith shop, Front, b.
Cherry and Wash
Craig, Nancy, widow, r. ws. 2d, b. Montgomery & Spring
Cramer, Charles, clerk , 31 s.south Main
Cramer, Charles, porter at Braun, Krug & Co.’s, r. ns. Cedar, b. 2d and 3d
Cramer, Fred, clerk at 42 Market, r. ns. Main, b. Elm &
Cramer, Henry, plasterer , r. ne. cor. 15th and Wash
Cramer, Peter A., barber , ns. Fr. av., b. 8th and 9th
Cramer, Theodore, fancy and variety store, 3 Fr.
av., r. 186n.north 4th
Crames, Jacob, blacksmith , ss. Wash av. w. of 11th
Crammer, James, 2d steward on Cataract, r. ws. 10th, b.
Fr. av. and Morgan
Crampton, Charlotte, widow, r. ws. Wash. av., b. 7th & 8th
Crane, Ben. F., jewelry store, 108n.north 4th, r. es. 14th, b.
Walnut and Clark av
Crane, Clark S., (Morton & C.) r. 100 Morgan
Crane, Daniel, carpenter , 179 Walnut
Crane, Mrs.Elizabeth, dress maker , 168 Olive
Crane, Francis W., com. mer.commission merchant 69 Com’l.,r.residence Monroe
Crane, Gerard S., chair maker , 115n.north 2d,r.residence 168 Olive
Crane, John C., clerk , se. cor. 4th and market
Crane, John W., (Egbert & C.) r. 142n.north 3d
Crane, Joseph, millwright at Mo. Mill, r. se. cor. 10th and
Crane, Morton E., M. D. , 61 Market
Crane, Timothy, laborer , 20ss.south side. Convent
Cranford, Jno. W., blacksmith , ss. Montgomery,w.west. of
Cranmore, Thos., engineer , r. es. 2d, b. O’Fallon & Bates
Cranwill, Samuel, com. mer.commission merchant , 182n.north 2d, r. ws.
10th, b. Fr. av. and Morgan
Crapster, E. W., book keeper at Whitcomb & Bro.’s , r.
Monroe house
Crapster, John, r. se. cor. 7th and Spruce, ups
Craven, Matthew, teamster , ss. Madison,w.west. of 9th
Crawford, James, cabinet maker at Dessaint’s 116n.north 2d
Crawford, James, cabinet maker , r. ns. Christy av., b.
12th and 13th
Crawford, James, moulder , r. es. 2d, b. O’Fallon & Bates
Crawford, Joseph, nurse at City Hospital
Crawford, Wm., steward , r. es. 6th, b. Cerre and Gratiot
Cray, Richard, blacksmith , ns. Morgan, b. 11th and 12th
Crebb, John, currier , es. 9th, s.south of Market
Crebb, Mrs., widow, es. 9th, s.south of Market
Creedon, Daniel, ostler , r. ne. cor. 9th and Warren
Creeley, Charles, book keeper , 94n.north 4th,r.residence Rasatti, b.
Anna and Arrow
Creelly, Martin, laborer , ws. Collins, b. Wash and Carr
Crenshaw, R. A. W.(C. G. Ramsey & Co.) and (A. S.
Mitchel & Co.) r. ss. Ches., b. 14th and 15th
Crescent Exchange , John Cox & Eugene T. Cox ,
85n.north Front
Cressy, L. W., clerk at Gill & Bro.’s , r. Monroe house
Crevier, Anthony, (c) steward on S. B., r. ne cor. Spruce
and 8th
Crevier, Charlotte, (c) widow, ns. Spruce, b. 7th and 8th
Crickard, Bernard, stone cutter , nw. cor. 12th & Ch’y. av
Criddle, Alexander, pilot , r. ws. 17th,n.north of Biddle
Crilley, Michael, speculator , r. ss. Wash, b. 10th & 11th
Crim, Francis, cabinet maker , ws. 2d,n.north of O’Fallon
Criminal Court Room , 104 Chesnut
Crinion, James, brick layer , r. ne. cor. Fr. av. and 22d
Crinion, Patrick, stone mason , ne. cor. Fr. av. and 22d
Crinion, Richard, contractor , ne. cor. Fr. av. & 22d
Cristnet, Louis, cook , ss. Myrtle, b. 2d and Main
Crittenden, Hiram, paper warehouse, 117n.north Main,
non resident
Croak, John, bar-keeper at "Grotto," cor.corner 4th & Morgan
Croak, Patrick, night policeman , r. 170 Biddle, b. 9th
and 10th
Croake, Mary, family grocery , 322 Market
Croake, James, family grocery , sw. cor. 11th & Market
Croever, Henry, trunk maker , 34 Vine
Croft, Henry, butcher , ns. Christy av., b. 22d and 23d
Crok, Edward, stone mason , es. 18th, s.south of O’Fallon, in rear
Croke, Patrick, policeman , cor.corner 9th and Biddle
Croll, Christian, tailor , es. 9th, s.south of Cass av
Cromer, Francis J., bar-keeper on S. B., r. ss. Fr. av., b.
19th and 20th
Crommie, Edw’d H., confectioner , ws. 14th, s.south of Market
Cronby, Wm. B., note printer , ss. Gratiot, b. 4th and 5th
Crone, Dennis, China ware store, 85 s.south Main
Cronenbold, Charles, hardware dealer , ws. Carondelet av.avenue ,
b. Barry and Marion
Cronenbold, Ferdinand W., hardware and iron
store, 56 and 58 Carondelet av., b. Barry and Marion
Cronenbold, F. W., foreman at Republican office,r.residence 58
Carondelet av
Cronenbold & Co. , Empire Plow Works, 305 s.south 3d
Cronemeyer, ——, es. Carond. av., b. Lesperence and
Cronin, Bridget, widow, r. ns. St. Charles, b. 8th & 9th
Cronin, Dennis, laborer , ws. 22d,n.north of Wash
Cronin, Jeremiah, contractor , nw. cor. 16th & O’Fallon
Cronin, Michael W., clerk at "Heuer" Exchange
Cronk, Petersen., laborer , ws. 10th, s.south of Cass av
Cronk, Peter jr., laborer , ws. 10th, s.south of Cass av
Cronk, Wm., laborer , ws. 10th, s.south of Cass av.avenue
Crookes, Joseph. (Branch. C. & Frost) r. ws. 9th, s.south
of Spring
Croquart, Julius, barber , 48n.north 3d
Crosby, James, (c) fireman on S. B., r. es. Center, b. Clark
av and Market
Cross, Briton, clerk in Probate Court, r. ss. Pine, b. 13th
and 14th
Cross, John B., botanic medicines , 148n.north 4th, r. ws. 14th,
s.south Clark av
Cross, Joseph F., moulder at Singleton & Co.’s, r. nw. cor.
10th and Market
Crotty, Jons, laborer , ns. Biddle, of 9th
Crotty, Mary, grocery store, se. cor. 9th and Greene
Crouch, A. B.,M. D., clerk , 58 Chesnut, r. es. 3d, b.
Chesnut and Pine
Crouch, Wm. H., carpenter , r. ws. 6th. s.south of Cass av
Crough, Patrick, fireman at Water Works
Crow, A. T., M. D. , office es. B’way, b. Monroe andn.north
Market,r.residence St. Charles house
Crow, Charles W., clerk , 67n.north Main, r. ss. Wash. av. b.
6th and 7th
Crow, Mart, laborer , al. b. Wash & Carr & 10th & 11th