The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Haskell, George, deck hand , ns. Mound,w.west. of 10th
Haskell, Stephen, (H. & Co.) r. Planter’s house
Haskett, John, carpenter , sw. cor. 9th &n.north Market
Haslam, Jane, manager at 104n.north 4th, r. ws. 4th, b. Lo-
cust and Olive
Haslam, John, private boarding, 94n.north 4th
Haslett, Joseph, vinegar manuf. r. 13th, b. Poplar and
Haslinger, Wm.tin ware manuf. ns. Fr. av. b. 11th
and 12th
Hass, Adam, pedlar , ss. Hickory, b. 6th and 7th
Hasse, Edward, M. D. ss. Hickory, b. 5th and 7th
Hasselmann, Charles, laborer , ws. 14th, b. Wash & Carr
Hassendeubal, Francis, draughtsman at Surv. Gen. office
Hassenger & Peterson , soda manuf. ss. Walnut, b. 15th
and 16th
Hassenger, Wm.(H. & Peterson,) non-resident
Hassett, Geo. W.clerk at Express office, 60n.north Main
Hastenteubel, turner , ss. Rutger, b. 7th & 8th
Hastings, Edwin L.printer , r. ws. 11th, b. Frank. av.
and Wash
Hastings, Leverett F.(H. & Mower,) r. ns.
Green, b. 9th & 10th
Hastings & Mower , copper and sheet iron workers,
70n.north 2d
Hastings, Matthew, painter , 216 s.south 7th
Hastings, Stewart, clerk at Hasting & Mower , r. ws. 11th
b. Fr. av. & Wash
Hatch, Rev.F. W.rector St. Paul’s church,r.residence Planter’s
Hatch, Johnson, 97 Elm
Hatch, Jonathan, collector , ns. Elm, b. 4th & 5th
Hatch, Samuel F.steward at Planter’s house
Hatch, Wm. G., M. D. office 68 Vine,r.residence Planter’s house
Hatchell, James, laborer in rear, es. Main, b. Smith and
Hathaway, John W.clerk at J. Whitehill’s lumber yard,
r. es. 16th, b. Morgan & Christy av
Hatren, August, shoemaker , ns. Mulberry, b. 2d & 3d
Hattendorf, Fred. W.Latona saloon , 76 Fr. av.
Hatton, John, 2d hand furniture, se. cor. 6th & Market
Hatzer, Christian, blacksmith , r. ws. 14th, b. Chesnut &
Haub, Conrad, tinner , ns. Fr. av. b. 11th & 12th
Hauch, Ferdinand, shoemaker , r. 70 Fr. av
Hauchenstrauch, Henry, cabinet maker , ns. Picotte, b.
Carond. av. and Jackson
Hauck Charles,, M. D., 36 s.south 2d
Hauck, Conrad, cabinet maker , ws. Kosciusco, b. Trudeau
and Picotte
Hauck Frederick,, M. D., es. Carondelet, b. Soulard and
Hauck, George, bricklayer , ss. Emmett, b. Carond. av. &
Hauenschitt, Charles, pedlar , ns. Picotte, b. Carond. av.
and Jackson
Hauepel, Jacob, laborer , ws. Columbus, b. Victor and
Haughton, Thos.M. D. , r. ss. Olive, b. 6th and 7th
Haupt, Henry, St. Louis Exchange, 8 s.south Main
Haupt, Jacob, barber , 252 s.south 5th
Haupt, Jacob, grocery store, es. Carond. av. b. Lespo-
rance and Picotte
Haupt, Jacob, tailor , es. Carondelet av. b. Lesperance &
Haupt, Wm.moulder , r. ws. Main, b. Mullanphy and
Hauptmann, Henry, laborer , ss. Carroll, b. Jackson and
Hauri, John, blacksmith es. Carroll, b. Barton and Victor.
Haus, Godfrey, striker at Gaty, McCune & Co. , r. al. b.
10th and 11th, Fr. av. & Wash
Hausameier, Adam H., porter , ws. 8th. b. Wash & Carr
Hauschulte, Herman, rope maker , ws. 12th, b. Wash and
Hause, John, ws. 7th, b. Barry & Marion.
Hauser, Francis, (H. & Schwemberger) nw. cor. 13th &
Hauser, Frederick, street commissioner , ss. Victor, b.
Jackson and Easton.
Hauser, George, coffee house, 69 s.south Front.
Hauser, Jacob, gardener , se. cor. 12th and Madison.
Hauser and Schwemberger , coffee house, nw. cor 3d and
Hausfurther, George, chairmaker , ws. Corond. av. b. Gey-
er av.avenue & Allen av.avenue
Hausholder, Barbara, widow, es. 12th b. Poplar & Spruce.
Hausman Christian,, M. D., 13 Fr. av. b. 5th & B’way.
Hausman, August, wagon maker , es. B’way b. Palm &
Wright,r.residence opposite.
Hausmann, Henry, laborer , 193 Wash.
Hausmann, John, engineer , s. b., r. ss. Rutger, b. 7 & 8.
Haussler, Casper, laborer , ws. Columbus b. Victor and
Hautze, Joseph, tailor , ws. Linn b. Emmett & Lafay-
Haven, Charles H., att’y , office ne. cor. 3d & Ches., r. cor.
9th & Pine or Melrose.
Haven, Otis, stone pipe manuf. , 84 Olive,r.residence 150 Pine.
Havens J. C. & Co. , dry goods store, 90n.north 4th.
Havens, Jonathan C., (J. C. H. & Co.), r. ss. Morganw.west.
of 11th.
Havens, Washington H., (J. C. H. & Co.), r. se. cor. 5th
and Locust.
Haverty, John, clerk at office Ind. Aff., r. Brown’s Ho-
Havgkost, Henry, tailor , ws. 8th, b. Fr. av. & Wash.
Hawa, Wm., cooper , ns. market b. 12th & 13th.
Hawes, Frederick, salesman 75n.north Main.
Hawes, Loler & Co. , stove store, 36n.north Main
Hawken & Campbell , gunsmith shop, 37 Wash. av.
Hawken, Christopher M., (Hoffman & H.) r. ns. Market.
b. 13 & 14.
Hawken, Samuel, gun smith , r. ws. 6 b. Morgan and
Franklin av.avenue
Hawken, Wm. S., (H. & Campbell), r. ws. 6th, b. Mor-
gan and Fr. av.
Hawkens, Ann, widow, ws. 6, s.south of Cass av.avenue in rear.
Hawkens, Samueles. 14th, s.south of Cass av.avenue
Hawkins, Wm. G., salesman 86 Main,r.residence Virginia Ho-
Hawks, Cicero S., Rt. Rev. D. D., Bishop of Diocese,r.residence
Paul s.south of Chouteau av.avenue
Hawley, Benj F., spice mills, ns. Christy av., b. 18th &
Hawley, B. R., clerk at Scott, Naylor & Co. , r. es. 9th, b.
Chesnut and Pine.
Hawley, M. K.Teacher in Laclede school .
Haworth, Owen W., auctioneer , r. 308 B’way
Hawthorn, Mifflin, at How & Cook’s, r. ss. Vine b. 3d &
Hawxhurst, Eliza, teacher in Clark school .
Hay, Christopher, (H. & Wagner) 153 s.south 2nd.
Hay, Francis, tailor , es. 7th, b. Wash. & Carr.
Hay, Scalesss. Carroll b. 7th & Fulton.
Hay & Wagner , National Brewery 153 s.south 2d.
Hay, William, laborer , es. 7th, b. Wash. & Carr.
Haydel, E. M., (Wonderly & H.) r. cor. 5 & Wash. av.
Hayden, Chandler, clerk board health , nw. cor. 11th and
Christy av.avenue
Hayden, Geo. W., sup’t Belcher’s drays,ns.north side. Mullanphy
b. Main and 2d.
Hayden, James, pilot on lower Miss., r. ws. 8th, s.south of St.
Hayden, S. D., teacher of penmanship,, at Jones’ Com’l
Hayden, Thomas, foundryman , ns. Wash. b. 6 & 7. ups.
Hayden, Thomas, laborer at Dowdal & Co.’s , r. nw. cor.
7th and Wash
Hayden, Thomas, laborer , al. b. Wash. & Carr, 11th &
Hayden, Wm. H., clerk at Post Office, r. ne cor.corner 8th and
Hayden & Wilson , saddlery and hardware 11n.north
Hayden, P., (H. & Wilson) non-resident.
Hayes, Elizabeth, widow, 163 s.south 5th.
Hayes, J. S. H., book keeper 72 Com’l, r. 156 Olive.
Hayes, Michael, laborer , r. al. b. 12th & 13th, Olive and