The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Daguerrean Artists.
Dobynsit Spaulding , nw. cor. Olive and 4th
Easterly, Thos. M., sc. cor. 4th and Oiivc
Fit/gibbon, J. H., 1n.north 4th
Fox, 11. J., aw. cov. Chesnut & 4th
Long, Enoch, 100 Market
Ouiljy, I. J., ws. 3d,n.north of Vino
Paine, George P., 57n.north 4th
Philips, A. B., 87 s.south 4th
Plitt, Anjrus, 145n.north 3d
Vogel, William, 86 s.south 2d
Wood, Gardner, C(]^n.north Market
Wright, Marcus, 104 Market