The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Hide and Leather Dealers.
Clark, James, 153n.north Main
Conant, H. A., 79n.north 2d
Day, John, 38 ft. 2d
Fill, C. G., 53n.north 2d
Haseltine & Bent , 200n.north Main
How & Cook , 140n.north Main
Lewellin, R. H., 215 Braodway
Mathews, Thomas, 48n.north Main
Meyer & Braun , 48n.north Main
Schrick Julius & Bro. , 14n.north Main
Shaffner, Geo., 19n.north Main
Thorp, Stokes, es. Com’l., s.south of Walnut
Watkins, Thomas, 74 Cherry