The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Lumber Merchants.
Boswell, Charles, ss. Walnut, b. 2d and 3d
Bryan & Bro. , ws. B’dway, n. of O’FaLon
Carr & Rogers , sw. cor. B’dway & Mulianphy, andnw.northwest
cor. Wash and Front
Clark H. L. & Co. , se. cor. 9th and Cass av
Degenhart, John C, 11 ne. cor. Miller & Carond. av
Greene, Isaac T., ss. Howard, b. B’dway and 2d
Hammond & Cartan , se. cor. B’dway and Cass av
Holmes R. & Co. , se. cor. Walnut nnd 5th
Judd & Leeds , ne. cor. B’dway & Columbia
Krennings W. & F. , ne. cor. Market and 8th
Matlack George & Sons , nw. cor. 15th & Fr. av
Morrison Wm. & Co. , ss. Market, b. 11th and 12th
Ottenad Jacob & Louis , nw. cor. Marion & Carond. av
Pancoast, David C., 317n.north 2d
Patrick, Morrison & Co. , se. cor. Main and Biddle
Parks R. M. & Co. , ne. cor Wash. av. and 7th
Reiss, Valentine, ws. Curond. av., b. Marion and Carroll
Rice, Bartholemew, 271 s.south 2d
Riddle, Alexander, es. B’dway, b. Carr and Biddle
Rirppey, Matthew, nw. cor. Market and 7th
Saler, Francia, ws. 2d, near cor.corner Rutger
Whitehill, J. H., se. cor. Vine and 3d
Whitehill, J., nw. cor. 5th and Carr
Wortmann, H. P., ws. B’dway, n. of Cass av