The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Bigelow, Smith & Co. , Hubb & Felloe, ss. Ashley, b.
Main and Front
Blaine, John L., bagging and rope, nw. cor. Mullanphy
and Front
Bracht, chauks, chocolate , se. cor ne. Emmett & Ham-
Brunner, Josuph, truss,ss.south side. Myrtle, b. 2d and 3d
Chouteau, Hivnison & Va]le , rolling mill, Ferrye.east of
Conklin, John L., cedar ware,ns.north side. Market, b. 14th and
Cull & Hirscri , basket, ss Wash, b. 11th and 12th
Cunnington, Thomas, earthenware, ss. Wash, b. 6th and
Davis, Merrill, bird cage , ne. cor. 11th and Fr. av
Grey & Boylel , boiler, Main, b. Cherry and Carr
Higgs, Wm., . 126 Market
Jackson, Louis, rail car. sw. cor. Biddle and Main
Johnson H. & Co. , varnish, nw. cor. Florida and B’dway
Kennelt Simonds & Co. , shot Tower, b. Main and Lewis
n.north of Bates
Klaus, Diedrich, coffee extract , sw. cor. Columbus and
Liewer, John, billard table, 119 Pine
Mahood & Morse , yawl shop, sw. cor. Carr and Main
Marlon, Charles, bed stead. nw. es. Main and Wash
Mawdsley, Richard, cork, 26n.north 3d, and 279 s.south 2d
Meistermann & Meyer , paper box,ns.north side. Locust, b. Main
and 2d
Meyer & Co. , cotton,ns.north side. Lafayette, b. Rosatti & Meneard
Muegge Charles & Co. , oil cloth, s. 2d and 113n.north 2d
Niohola, Chaile, comb, se. cor. B’dway and Palm
Parker, Ludlow & Co. , barrel, cs. 2d, b. Spring & Wright
Pullis C. & T. R. , Miss. Iron Works, cs. 3d, b. Chesnut
and Pine
Schrader, Wm., plough, 228n.north 2d
Scott & Hedges , little giant mills,ws.west side. Broadway,n.north of
Shepherd & Holmes , bell,ws.west side. Carondelct av., b. Marion
and Carroll
Smith & Holt , file,es.east side. 9th,n.north of Mullanphy
Spering & Madison , bed stead, se. cor. Main and Ma-
Todd G. & C. & Co. , mill stone, 212n.north Main
Winkel, Henry, yarn, ss. Carr, b. 8th and 9th
Woodbum, Jacob, spoke,e.east Main, b. Biddle and Ashley