The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Stoves and Hollow Ware.
Beakey D. & J. , 97n.north Main
Beakey, James, 149n.north Main
Beakey, Joseph, 185n.north Main
Bridge & Bro. , 37n.north Main
Buck & Wright , 187n.north Main
Burd, John W., 3n.north Main
Dow, Alexander, 133 Market
Empire Stove Works , se. cor. Main and Almond
ExoeLiar Stove Works , ws. Lewis, b. Smith and Florida
Faliunhainer G. & Bro. , 218 Market
Farnsworth, S. V., ws. B’way, near Wash
Filley, Giles F., 157n.north Main
Geisel, Andreas, 3 Carond. av
Gill, John J., 237 B’way
Hart & Harvey , 57n.north 2d
Hstwes, Leler & Co. , 36n.north Main
Hitchcock D. M. & Co. , 79n.north Main
Irwin, Wm., 180n.north Main
Kannengiescr, Jacob, ws. Decatur, b. Soulard and La-
Kosser, Samucl, 139n.north 3d
Liglnner, J. H., 82n.north 2d
Leler, John, 264n.north 2d
Mulligan, John, 6 s.south Main
Russell, Charles E., 65 Market
Tirmenstein, S., 447 s.south 2d
Toomer, R. F., 49n.north Main
Van, John, 6n.north Main
Wolff C. & Co. , 175n.north Main