The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Harrison, Daniel, cordwainer , 37 south Main
Harvey, E., widow at Gov. M’Nair’s
Hastings, Charles, merchant , 82 south Main
Hawken, Jacob, gunsmith , 214 north Main
Heely, Thomas, chemist, druggist , &c.6 Jones’ Row
Hempstead, Charles at law, 85 north Main,
south-east corner D, and south A, above Main
Hempstead, Louis, south-east corner north Third & F
Hempstead, Stephen, 21 north Main, south-east corner
north A
Hempstead, Thomas, U. S. Agent , 3 steam boat ware-
house, north Water, n. w. corner H—d. h. near Ben-
net’s hotel
Henry Isaac N. & Co. , publishers of the St. Louis In-
quirer, 52 north Main
Hertzog, Joseph, merchant , 85 north Main, s. e. cor. D
Higgies, Wm., tallow chandler , 29 south Church, below
Hill, David B., carpenter , n. w. cor. north Third and E
Hinkley, Charles A., bookbinder and poeketbook manu-
facturer , 118 south Main, n. w. corner E
Hoffa, John, hairdre se 27 north Main, above north A
Hoffman, David B., merchant , 43 north Main, corner B
Hoffman, H. L., (M. D.) druggist and apothecary, 14
north Main
Holbrook, John, cordwainer and grocer , 78 & 80 south
Main, south-west corner C
Holly, Margaret, seamstress , 98 south Main
Honore, see Tesson
Horrocks, Edward, baker and boarding house, 14 south C
above Main
Horttiz, Jean Baptiste, south Church, below I
Horttiz, Margaret, widow, south Church, n. e. corner J
Hough, Daniel, bookseller , &c., 60 north Main—d. h.
south Third, south-west corner B
Howard, Ann, millinery store , 22 north Main, corner H
Howard, William, turner , 114 north Church, above E
Howell, Jacob H., merchant , 19 south Main
Howlett, Ellen, Mrs. of Ryan, north E, above Fifth
Hughes, David, tavernkeeper , south Church, below J
Hughey, William, laborer , north Church, above I
Hunt, Harvey, Bennet’s hotel
Ingram, Arthur, merchant , 17 north Main
Irwin, James, carpenter , south C, above Third
Jackson, Samuel, grocer , “Hole in the Wall,” north
Water, below H
Jacobs & Blanchard , tavernkeepers , Green Tree, Inn
85 south Church, and back 86 south Main, below C
Jacobs, Leonard, Green Tree Inn, 85 south Church, bo-
low C
Janes, Joseph, bricklayer , 93 south Third, below C
Janes, William, bricklayer and plasterer , 93 south Third,
below C
January, Thomas H., commission merchant , 2 steam
boat warehouse, north Water, north west cor.corner H
Jaques, Benjamin T.watchmaker , inquire 82 south Main
Jarrett, J. H., cordwainer , 47 north Main
Jennings, Joseph H., carpenter , corner north C & Fifth
Johnston, Campbell & James , nail manufacturers , 77
south Main, south-east corner south C
Johnson, Hugh, storekeeper , 35 north Main, above A
Johnson, Jeremiah, 42 north Main
Johnston, Jonathan, hatter , 39 south Main
Johnston, Phineas, tavernkeeper , 84 north Main, above C
Johnston, Thomas, cordwainer , 104 north Church
Johnston, William, carpenter , 83 south Church, below C
Jones, John, bricklayer , 10 Jones’ Row
Julie, Maaame, 84 north Third, below D
Keating, Timothy, cordwainer , north D, above Church
Keesacker, John, grocer , 19 south C, above Main
Keese, Absaloin, carpenter , north C, above Main
Kells, Thomas, laborer , north F, above Fifth
Kelly, Robinson, chair maker , 21 south C, above Main
Kennedy, John, grocer , 68 north Third, above C
Kennedy, William, grocer , “Hole in the Wall,” north
Water, below H
Kennerly J. & G. H. , merchants , 57 north Main, above
Kerigan, Roger, carpenter , north Third, above E
Kerr, Bell & Co. , merchants , 1 north Main, north-east
corner Market
Kerr, John, merchant , 1 north Main, n. e. corner Market
Kimble, Dudley, 85 south Church, below south C
Kirker, James, grocer , north Water, above Team Boat
Klunk, Joseph, stone cutter , north A, above Church
Labadie, Joseph, bellman , south Third, below E
Labadie, Sylvester, north of the Biewery
Labarge, Joseph, grocer , 20 south Third, below Market
Labeaume, P. A., inquire 51 north Main
Labaoss, Sarah, widow, seamstress , south Third, below G
Labuche, Francois, boatman , n. w. corner Main and
south H
Lacroix, Joseph, north C, above Third
Lacroze J. J. & Co. , confectioners and cordial distillers ,
27 and 29 south Main, below A
Lagrandeur, Louis, 82 south Third, below C
Lagrandeur, Vincent, 77 south Third, s. e. corner C
Laguaisse, Margaret, midwife , 86 north Church, s. w.
corner D
Lajoy, see Sale
Lakenan, James, gunsmith , &c.200 north Main—d. h.
north Church, above I
Laland, Marie, widow, south Church, below K
Lamb, James, grocer , 91 north Main
Lamy, , see Duchouquet
Landville, Andre, storekeeper , 87 north Main, n. e. cor-
ner D
Lane, Joshua, boarding house, south D, above Main
Lane, M. M., accountant , 66 south Main
Lane & Merry , physicians , 98 south Main, n. w. cor. D
Lane, William Carr, physician , 98, d. h. 127 s.south Main
Langham, Elias T., 1st clerk in the Missouri bank , 6
north Main
Langham, John S., clerk in the U. S. register’s office ,
near Bennett’s
Lardoise, see Vichard
Larned, Benjamin F., capt. paymaster in the army of
the United States, back 65 north Main, in north C
L’Atrisse, John, boatman , 88 south Third, below C
Laurent, Maurice, teacher of penmansbip, 46 south Main
Laveille, Joseph C., carpenter , 16 south C, d. h. s. w.
cor.corner Church & south D
Lawless, Luke E., counsellor at law, office n. w. corner
Third & Market, d. h. 24 north Main
Lebeau, Francis, carpenter , 100 north Church
Lebeau, Henry, carpenter , s. e. cor. north C & Fifth
Leblond, Joseph, 66 north Church, n. w. cor. C
Lecomte, madame, widow, 44 south Main
Leconte, J. Baptiste, laborer , 171 north Main, above H
Leduce, M. P., collector of taxes, 34 north Main, above
north A
Lee, Mary, widow of John, Third, above the Bastian
Lee, Patrick, n. e. corner south Church & C
Le Favre, Miss P., young ladies academy , 50 south Main
Le Gris, Belisle Pierre, trader 49 south Main
Leguerrier, Charles, carpenter , 99 north Church
Lemignon, Doctor, north B, above Main
Lemonde, Louis, carter , 88 north Church
Leroux, Ellen, widow, south B, above Fourth
Levering, Benjamin, plasterer , &c., south Church, below G
Lewis, Fanny Mrs. of John, south Church, below D
Lewis, James O., engraver , &c., 118 south Main
Light, Andrew, wagon maker , 181 north Main, abovo H
Lindell, Jesse G., merchant , 21 north Main, s. e. corner
north A
Lindell John & Co. , merchants , 21 north Main, s. e. cor.
north A