The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Lindell, Peter, metenant , 21 north Main, s. e. corner
north A
Lia, Mary, widow, 21 north Main, n. e. oorncr north A
Long, James, capnter , s. e. corner north C & Fifth
Longdon, ——, 234 north Main
Loper, James, brick layer , 119 south Main, n. e. cor. E
Louis, Paul, Indian interpreter , north Water, nbove A
Lucas, J. B. C., on the St. Charles read, ½ mile from St.
Lucas, William, attorney at law, 1 Jones’ row, corner
Market & Fourth
Lyeett, John C., silver plater , 35 nnd 118 south Main
Lynch, Timothy, tailor , 40 north Main
Macfaden, Mary, south Third, below G
Mackey, James, brick house , west of the Church street
Mncklin, Willinn, teacher , s. w. cor. north G & Church,
d. h. north of ihe Bastinn
Maquis, Arbur, attorney at law, 29 north Church, above
north A
Magnire, John, laborer , 188 narfh Main, above north H
Malard, H., Indian trader , n. e. cor. south D & Church
March, Clement, merchant , 84 south Main, below south C
Marly, F. widow, south Church, s. e. cor. G
Marly, Louis, south Church, below G
Marly, Michael, tavern keeper and victualler , south
Church, below G. stall 17 Market house
MarlyMichael, jr., boatman , Booth Church, below G
Marsh, Daniel, painter and plazier , S5 south Church
Marlin, Charts, copper smith , s. w. cor. north D and
Mnrriii, Join, prefect of the studies. St. Louis clbge
Mason, Ann, widow, south Third, below south A
Mason, Richard, physician , 37 north Main, below B
Massey, David, Missouri hotel, 1G8 north Main, r. w.
corner north H
Mmburin, Jean Bapriste, south Church, s. w. corner B
May, James, cordwainer , 57 south Main
M’Ailiiui, James, grnoer , 47 north Main, above north B
M’Dermott, Louisa Mrs., of Charles A, south D, above
M’lVinald, Patrick, lumber merchant , s. w. corner church
and north G
M’Iav, Margaret, 111 Church, below D
M’Ginn Bemaid and Patrick , victuallers, 11 Market
house—d.h. south Fifth, bflow 15
M’Girk, Iraac, deputy sheriff , at the jail
M’Guire, Thomas, merchant, justice of the peace,
42 north Main—d.h. Market, west nf Seventh
M’Qunnegle, Jaime, of the U. S. army, 201 north Main,
above north D
M’Gennegle, Wilson, 201 north Main, above north D
M’Knigh, Thomas, commission merchant , north Water
above Team beat ferry—d.h. 202 north Main,
above north D
M’Liugfain, Michael, carter , north H. abore Main
M’Mnnus, Edmund, 6l north Main, btlow north C
M’Nair, Alexander, Governor of the State of Mipnori,
nor’li Third near the first large Ii an mound
Menard, Almabi, south D, above south Main
Mennrd, Louis, merchant , 48 wuth Main
Merry, Samuel, phyfdeian , 98 south Main, n. w. corner
south D
Miehau, John A., cabinet maker , south Church, below I
Migneron, Louis S., gunsmith , 97 north Main, above
north B
Milam, ——, merchant , 43 nuth Main, s. e. conur
north B
Milburn, William, clerk in the surveyor greneral’s office—
d. h. Benner’s hotel
Millage, Richard, tailor , 33 south Mnin
Millgen & Willi. tailor shops, 68 north & 33 s.south Main
Milaudon, Philip, merchant , 40 south Main
Miller, Flen, milliner , south B, above Wain
Miller, ——, milliner , south B, above Main
Moderwe, D. R., merchant , 65 north Main, n. e. corner
north O
Molaire, Baptiste, carter , north Third, above north C
Mills, Nathan, victualler , 85 south Church, below C
Moiitsts, David, carpenter , north D, above Main
Monet, Francis, laborer , 186 north Main
Montagne, Joseph, blacksmith , north C, above Church
Moon, Alfred, turner , &c., south Third, below F
Moon, Clariasa, widow, 77 south Mnin, s. e. corner C
Moore, ——, carpentet , 128 south Main
Moore, Daniel S. D., deputy clerk circuit court , Market,
above Fifth
Moore, Daniel, bacon store, 53 north Main, above B
Moore, James, carjienter , north Church, corner north I
Moore, Nimrod H., south Church, above south C.
Morin, Baptiate, boatman , south Church, n. w. corner K
Morin, Joteph, Ixiatman , south Thiid, below south J
Morin, , widow, ft Anthony, south Church, corner H
Moilison, John, piinter , 51 south Main
Morion, Gtoonjej, carpaBter , south Church, btlow south G
Morton, Morgan, carpenter , south B above Main
Mount, Samuel, coach maker , north D, above Fifth
Mulligan, Fredsriok, s e comer Main and south F
Mulligan, Elisa, widow, near the Bastian
Mulligan, James, laborer , 84 south Church
Murphy, Matthew, brewer at Brew house, north Main
Murphy, James, south Third, blow F
Muiphy, Thomas, 210 north Main.
Nagle, James, storekeeper , 35 nrrth Main
Nagle & Juhoaon , starekepars, 35 north Main, above A
Nash, Hiram, boatman , 20 south Third, below Market
Neal & Ligeett , copper and tin-ware manufacturers, 54
south Main. s. w. corner south B
Neil, Reverend Francis, principal of the St. Louis college ,
and culate of the Cathedral
Nevitt, Joseph, boarding house, 85 south Third, below B
Newell, Ambrose, blacksmith , north Third, opposite the
Newdl, Richard W., 43 north Main, south-east corner B
Newman, Hannah, widow, north Third, above north B
Niehelson, John, Carpenter and builder , 88 south Main,
below south C
Noise, Maria, widow, n. w. corner Main and south F
Ober, Samuel K., merchant , 84 south Main below C
O’Fnllun, John, adjutant general of the state of Mis-
souri—d.h. n. w. of the Land Office
O’lluiv, Mary, widow, south D, above Main
O’ileiloy, H. F., merchant , 23 north Main, n. e. corner
north A
O’Rouik, John, grocer , 91 north Main, above north D
Orr, William, printer , at publisher of the St. Louis
Register , south A. above south Main
Osborn, Ambrose, blaeknnith , nor!li Water, above north
G—d.h. hill, near the north Rasiiun
O’Tool, James, laborer , north E, above Fifth.
Paddeek, Gaius, bording house, 24 north Main, n. w.
corner north A
Page, Daniel D., baker , 31 sooth Main
Papin, Joseph, geocer , s. w. corner north Third & north E
Papin, Lafuraa, India Trader , 90 north Main, above
north D
Papin, Leber, blatksmith , 34 north Main. above A
Papin, Villeray, blacksniith , 34n.north Main, ahevfl A
Parisian, Vietor, boatman , 22 south Third, below Market
Park, Mrs., widow, south D, above Main.
Paiks, Arthur, tooth ChoToh, below south J
Paul, Svhanus, musician , 85 sooth Church
Paul, Gabriel, auctioneer and eomaatation merchant , 73
north Main, above north C
Paul & Ingram , merchants, 17 south Main, first house
below the market
Paul, Nathan, merchant , 17 south Main
Paul, Rene, 65 north Main, n. e. comer north C