The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Paxton, John A., inquire 65 north Main st,
Payne, Nathaniel D., coach driver , south Church, below
south I
Peck, James H., attorney at law, south Fourth, below
Pell, Jonathan, drayman , 128 south Main, belbw E
Peltier, Madame, widow, 118 south Main, corner E
Pend eton, Joseph, student , of medcine, s. W. corner
Third and south D
Pendleton, Zebulon, teacher , s. w. cor. Third & south D
Perras, James, south Chireh. ab. ve. south C
Peters, Tbomas, boatman , south Church, below south G
Peterson, Henry, laborer , south F, above Church
Petil, Louis, south Third n. w. corner south G
Philibert, Gabrid, tavern keeper , north Water, n. w.
corner F
Philibert, Joseph, 135 north Main, n. e. corner north F
Philibert, Joseph, merchant , 66 north Main
Pierre, , see Duchouquet
Pitzer, Gaorge, north Third, above north A.
Pocock, Henry, ornamental painter , south A, above south
Porter, Joseph, cabinet maker , north C. above Main
Potter, John C., lumber master and Tyler to the Mosonic
Lodge, office north Water, corner of north E—d.h.
83 north Church
Powers, James, Market, above Main
Pratte, Bernard, merchant , 7 north Mnin, above Market
Price, Christopher, 12 south Third, below Market
Price, Ridden H., north Church n. w. corner B
Primau, Paul, north Third, above north B
Pimm, Peter, tailor , 45 south Main—d.h. south B,
above Church
Provenchere, P., south Church, west side, above the bridge
Purdea, Francis, drayman , south Church, near bridge
Purdy, James J., carpenter , north A, above Church.
Quigley, Daniel, victualler , stall 10 market house—d.
h. south Fifth street, below B.
Ramsav, James, grocer , north Third, above north E
Ranken, Hugh, 25 north Main, above north A
Ranken, Robort, merchant , 25 north Main, above north A
Rankin John & Samuel , tanners and curriers, south F,
above Main
Rawlings, Margaret, mantua maker , 9 Jones’ row
Reams, John, Tailor , 85 south Church. below C
Rector, colonel Elias, post-master , office north A, above
Main—d.h. north Third, on the hill above Bennet’s
Rector, Stephen, surveyor , n. c. corner, south C and
Rector, general William, surveyor of the U. States lands
in Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas , office west of
Regis, Vassur, n. 78 south Third, s. w. corner C
Reed, Mrs. Chloe, widow, of Captain Jacob, south D,
above Fifih
Reganier, Francis, teacher of French, south Church, n. w.
corner south F
Reilly, Robert, porter-house , 9 south C, above Main
Renard, Hyacinthe, north Main, near the ox mill
Renshaw, Wm., merchant , 52 south Third, n. w. cor. B
Reynolds, Fabritius, 82 and 85 south Church, below C
Reynolds, Obediah, stone-mason , 150 north Main, s. w.
corner north G
Rice, Edward, laborer , north C, above Church
Richard, Eulalie, south Church, below south F.
Richards, Jane, widow boarding-bouse, 43 north Main,
s. e. corner north B
Riddiik, Thomas F.,, president of the Missouri bank
south Fourth, below south F
Riley, ——, victualler , stall 9 market-house
Riviere, Philip, Madame , south Church, below F
Robb, George H.merchant , 153 north Main, n. e. cor-
ner north G
Roberts, Michael, cordwainer , 141 north Main, above
north F
Ruberts, Thomas, vicualler , n. w. of the Battian-stall
Robidoux Joseph & Francis , merchants , 71 and 75 south
Main n. e. corner, north C
Robinson, Richard, 218 north Main
Rocheblave, Phillip, carpnter and justice of the peace,
26 south C, above Main
Rochford, Francis, teacher , north E, above Fifth
Rogers, —, farmer , near Bent’s mill
Rollet, Michel, 100 south Main, corner D
Rollins, Henry, cordwainer , south D, above Church
Rollins, Miles, drayman , north Fourth, above G
Rosegrant, John Allen, carpenter , 98 south Main, n. w.
corner south D
Ross, Charles R., 64 north Main, s. w. corner C
Rowcount, Anthony, wheelright, back 214 north Main
Roy, Lewis, victualler , 208 north Main, stall 5 market-
Royard, ——, farmer , south Third, below D
Rule, William K., merchant , 72 and d. h. 68 north
Rupley, Jacob, carpenter , 16 south C—d.h. s. w. cor-
ner sonth Church and D
Russell, Jesse D., sign und ornamental painter , 17 south
C. above Main
Russell, John, pot er , 17 south C, above Main
Russell, John S., turner and chair maker , 17 south C,
above Main.
Sale, Jean, south Third, below south G
Sale, Lambert, south Third, n. w. corner south I
Salois, Joseph, 81 north Third, nbove north C
Samuel Giles M. & Co. , merchants , 65 north Main, n. e.
corner north C
Sanguinet, Marie Anne, widow, 49 south Main
Sanguinet, Simon, south Church, s. w. corner s.south E
Sarpy, G., merchant , 31, north Main, above north A
Sarpy, John B., merchant , 11, and d. b. 31, north Main
Sarrade, John, confectioner and cordial distiler , 54 north
Saugrain, Madame, widow, s. w. corner south Church
and J
Saulnier, Michael G., professor of languages, St. Louis
Savage, William H.auctioneer & commission merchant ,
66 south main, below south B
Seavener, Joseph, carpenter , south Third, s. w. corner E
Schatle, David, victualler , stall 3 market-house
Schewe, Christopher Frederick, painter and glazier , south
Church, above C
Seollin, John, grocer , north Water, n. w. corner C
Scott, Alexarder, merchant , 72 north Church
Scott, Moses, justice of the peace, south B, above Fourth
Scolt & Rule , merchants, 72 north Clunch, aboven.north C
Seward, Berjamin J., merchant , south C, s. w. corner
Seward & Cellett , merchants, 17 south Main
Seymour, Nathan, tailor , south A, above Main
Shackford, John & Co. , merchants, 58 south Main, d.
b. Market, west of Fifth
Shannon, Mary, widow, 20 south C, above Main
Shehan, David, victualler , 9 Market-house
Shepherd, David, bricklayer , 86 north Church, s,w.west. cor-
ner north D
Shidley, David, victualler , north Fourth, above C
Shidley & Fry , victuallers, north Fourth, above north C
Shidley, Henry, attorney at law, oflice, n. e. corner north
Church, and north B—d.d.h. 37 north Main
SimondsJohn, sen’r., painter and glazier , north Fourth,
above north C
SimondsJohn, jun’r., deputy constable , north Fourth,
above north C
Simonds, Mrs., widow, 77 north Church
Simonds, John B., laborer , south B, above Church
Skerkey, Mrs., of Wm., 24 south C. above Main
Skinner Alfred & Co. , grocers, 82 south Cburob, below
south C
Skinner, Mrs., boarding-house, 42 north Main