The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Smith & Dougherty , grocers , 107 south Church, below D
Smith, Eliza, widow, gentlewoman , 7 north Main, above
Smith & Ferguson , merchants , 7 north Main, above
Smith, Frederick, hair dresser , 61 south Main
Smith, Jesse, accountant , 82 south Church, below south C
Smith, J. J. jr. & Co. , wholesale and retail druggists &
apothecaries , 67 south Main, below south B
Smith, John B. N., farmer , 3 miles s. w. of the bridge
Smith, John, merchant , 7 noth Main—d. h. n. w. cor-
ner south Fourth and south A
Smith, John, grocer , 107 south Church, below D
Smith, Mary, 81 north Church
Smith, O. C., merchant , 1 Steam-boat warehouse, north
Water, n. w. corner H—d. h. south C, above Third
Smith, Samuel, professor of Languages, St. Louis College
Smith, Samuel, carpenter , Market, below Third
Smith, Thomas F., captain , of U. S. army, 99 s.south Main
Smith & Wordingham , livery stable keepers and Far-
riers , north Fourth, above Market
Snow, Mrs., teacher of females, 42 north Miin
Soulard, Antoine, farmer , below the bridge, Church st
Soy, Patrick, grocer , north Water, above north H
Spalding, Josiah, attorney at law, south A, s. e. corner
Sparks, Sarah, widow, south Third, n. w. corner E
Sparrow, Wm. H., tallow chandler , north Water, above
Team boat Ferry.
Spencer, Harlow, cabinet maker , 6 Jones’ Row, Market
Spencer Harlow & James P. , cabinet and chair makers ,
87 south Main, below south C
Stafford, John, cordwainer , south B, above Main
Stall, Martin, victualler , stall 5 market-house—d. h.
near Governor M’Nair’s
Stark, William, saddler , &c., 56 south Main
Stebbins, Samuel, cordwainer , 38 north Main
Stewart, Elizabeth, seamstress , south B, above Main
Stewart, Wm., 128 south Main, below E
Stokes, Wm., farmer , about 2 miles west of the jail
Strother, George F., attorney at law, and receiver of pub-
lic moneys for St. Louis land district—d. h. n. w.
corner nor Sixth and north C
Sullivan, ——, drayman , above governor McNair’s
Sullivan, H., laborer , 104 north Church
Sullivan, Patrick, professor of Ancient Languages, St.
Louis College
Sullivan, Wm., justice of the peace, office, 88 north
Main, n. w. corner north D—d. h. s. w. corner south
A and Fourth
Sutton, Aaron, cabinet maker , 1 south C, below Main
Sutton, John L., blacksmith , 94 south Church, below C
Taliaferro, Lawrence, Indian agent at St. Peters, north
C, back 65, north Main
Taylor & Bradbury , potters , south D, above Main
Taylor, John, potter , &c., south D, above Main
Tellier, Amant, Madame , 91 south Main
Tesson, Louis, widow, n. e. corner of north F and Church
Tesson Michael & Francis , merchants , 43 and d. h. 48
south Main
Thibeau, Alexis, boatman , south D, below Main
Thoburn, James, merchant , 86 north Main, s. w. corner
north D
Tholozan, John Eli, 49 south Main
Thornton, John, grocer , 65 north Third, n. e. corner
north C
Thornton, Nichols, cooper , 66 north Third, n. w. corner
north C
Tillton, William P., accountant , 66 south Main
Tobin, Bartholomew, laborer , 106 north Church, corner E
Tracy, Edward, merchant, store 4, and d. h. 43 north
Tracy & Wahrendorff , merchants , 4 north Main, above
Tranor, Michael, laborer , north Fourth, above G
Trudeau, Baptiste, teacher , north B, above Main
Vachard, C, south Third, n. e. corner E
Valois, Francois, south B, above Main
Vachard, J., carpenter , south Third, below F
Varner, Jacob, grocer , 28 south C, above Main
Vasquez, Hipelitte, 210 north Main
Vasquez, Joseph, 210 north Main
Verdin, Nicholas, carpenter , s. e. corner north C and
Vincent, , see Bouis
Von Phul, Henry, merchant , 13 north Main—d. h. north
Water, above Murket
Waddle Henry & James Ramsay , grocers , north Third,
above north E
Wahrendorff, Charles, merchant, store 4 and d. h. 43
north Main
Walker, David V., physician , office, 68 north Main—d.
h. on the hill opposite the Bastian
Walker, Rev.Jessesouth Third, below D
Walker, John, deputy sheriff at the jail
Wallace Howel & Co. , merchants , 19 south Maine, be-
low the market
Wallace, James B., merchant , 19 south Main
Walsh, Hester, grocer , 70 south Main
Walsh, P., auctioneer & commission merchant , 29 north
Ward, Rev. Dr., rector of the Episcopal Church , south
Fourth, below F
Ward, Amos, cordwainer , south D, above Church
Ward & Rellins , cordwainers , 38 north Main
Ward & Carr , attorneys , at law, 123 south Main, s. e.
corner of south E
Wash, Robert, attorney at law, 123 south Main—d. h.
on the hill, n. w. of the Bastian
Warner, Jabez, constable of St. Louis township, north
Fourth, above north C
Watt, James, grocer , south Third, below A
Wetmore, Alphonso, paymaster in the U. S. army , north
Third, opposite the Bastian
Wheeler, Asa, baker , 31 south Main
Wheeler & Page , bakers and grocers , 31 south Main
Wherry, Macky, register for the corporation, office , south
B, above Main—d. h. 124 south Main
White, Frederick, attorney at law and Notary Public,
97 south Main, n. e. corner of south D
White, Joseph, hatter , 39 south Main
White, Isaac W.vietualler , south Third, below south G
White, Seth, cordwainer , 57 south Main
Wiggins, Samuel, proprietor of the Team Ferry boats , 4
Steamboat ware-house—d. h. 164 north Main
Wiggins, Stephen R., exchange broker , 4 Steamboat
ware-house—d. h. 164 north Main
Willi, Samuel, tailor , 52 north Main
William, Joseph, physician , north B, above Main
Wilson, Abel, clerk in constables’ office, north Fourth,
above C
Wilson, Moses E., teacher , north Third, above the north
Bastion—d. h. 42 north Main
Wolford, Ann, widow, 83 south Main
Wonderly, David, victualler , stall 8 market-house—d. h.
south Church, below the bridge
Wordingham, William, livery stable keeper , n. Fourth,
above Market
Wright, B. D., attorney at law, 2 Jones’ Row, Market
Wright, John J., boarding-house, 137 north Main, n. e.
corner of north F.
Yale, Henry, painter , &c., 17 south C, above Main
Yard, Jacob, tavern-keeper , Columbian Inn, 92 south
Yusty, Emilian, widow, 82 north Main
Young, Benjamin, baker & grocer , 81 south Mainst.street.