The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :

Banking houses
Lucas & Simonds , St. Louis, Mo.,

Lucas. Turner & Co. , San Francisco, Cal.

James H.Lucas, , St. Louis, Mo.

JohnSimonds, , St. Louis, Mo.

Henrf L.Patterson, , St. Louis, Mo.

Henry S.Turned, , St. Louis, Mo.

Wm. T.Sherman, , San Francisco, Cal.

Benj. R.Nisbet, , San Francisco, Cal.

And St. Louis House , San Francisco, Cal.

Lucas, Tiirxer & Co. , Borkers, No. 10A Montgomery street, San Francisco, sell exchange on all the
principle cities of the Union, collect and transmit money, nnd transact all business pertaining to Banking.
Hold I)ust, Bullion and Exchange bouchtatthe highest market rates.

James H.Lucas, ,

JohnSimonds, ,

H. S.Turner, ,

H. L.Patterson, ,

W. T.Sherman, ,

B. R.Nisber, ,