The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :

William A.Nelson, ,
Wholesale Commission Merchant & Manufacturers’ Agent ,
No. 11 Locust street, between Main and Levee, St. Louis, Mo.

Agent for
Wheeling Paper Mills, Wellsburg Paper Mills, Va.; Conner & Son’s Type Foundry, Wells & Webb’s Wood Type, Hoe & Co’s
Printing Press, Lightbody’s News Inks, N. Y.; Mason’s Blanking, Philadalphia; Cincinnati Spice Mills: Cincinnati Fancy Soap
Factory; Pittsburgh Flint Glass Works; Pittsburgh Green Glass Works; Pittsburgh Window Glass Factory; Wheeling Nail and
Spike Manufactory; Wheeling Straw Board Factory; Krozen’s Wooden Ware Manufactory; St. Louis Wash Board Factory; St. Louis Bucket and Tub Manufactory, Saben’s Patent Washing Machines, St. Louis Scale Manufactory.

[missing figure]

of the
St. Louis Improved Fire Proof Safe Manufactory.

Purchasers are requested to call and examine Prices as we can and
will sell lower than any other House in the West.