The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Local courts for St. Louis county.
Circuit Court.
Judge —Alexander, Hamilton.
Clerk —William J.Hammond, .

Terms—Third Mondays at April and November.

Common fleas Court.
Judge —SamuelTreat, .
Clerk —Charles W.Hicks, .
Terms—First Mondays of February and Septermber
Land. Court
Judge —EdwardBates, .
Clerk —Charle A.Mantz, .
Terms—First Mondays of March and October.
Criminal Court
Judge —James R.Lackland, .
Clerk —Fred’kKretschmar, .
Tekms—First Mondays of January, March, May, July,
September, and November.
Probate Court
Office south wing Court House.
Judge —PeterFerguson, .
Clerk —William F.Ferguson, .
Terms—First Mondays of March, June, September, and
County Court
Justice —DavidThomas, , President.
" —Marshal]Brotherton, } Associate Justices.
" —James J.purdy, }Associate Justices.
Clerk —JosiahThornburgh, .
Terms—First Mondays of February, May, August, and
Law Commissionera Court
Office Court room on Chenut street, b. 3d and 4th,
north side, ups.
Commissioner —John W.Colvin, .
U. S. Commissioner
Offico on Main street, b. Chcsuut and Pino,’west side ups.
Benjamin F.Hickmann, .
U S. District Attorney.
Thomas C.Reynolds,