The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :

D. S.Bigham, .

William G.Webb.,

Bigham & Webb ,
House and Real Estate Agents,
Collection of rents, &c.,

Office—No. 77 Washington avenue,
Between Third and Fourth streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞The undersigned having associated themselves in the above business, and taken an office in one of the most
favorable locations in the city, will give their special attention to the renting of houses and stores, and collecting
of rents; also, leasing of lots, payment of taxes, and general superintendence and care of such property.

Having resided in the city for the last twelve years, our acquaintance is such that we flatter ourselves we can
give entire satisfaction to those who will entrust us with their business. We promise faithful attention and
prompt returns for all collections.


Haskell & Co. , Bankers,
Page & Bacon , Bankers,
H. T.Darrah, , Esq.,
John S.McCune, , Esq.,
S. D.Barlow, , Esq.,
Hon.L. M.Kennett, ,
H.Overstolz, , Esq., City Comptroller ,
John BradySmith, , State and C. Collector ,
John M.Wimer, , Sheriff,
JosephRowe, , Esq.,
Messrs. Scarritt & Mason ,
Messrs. Doan, King & Co.