The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
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JacobBlattner, ,
mathematical, optical & Philosophical
instrument maker ,
No. 43 second street, between chesnut and pine,
St. Louis, Mo.

Received again a large assortment of Mathematical, Surgical and Optical Instruments, which I selected
partly in the East, and partly received directly from Europe. Thii nssortment is composed of the newest and
most improved samples. To Surveyors and Engineers I recommend especially, Compasses, Levelling and
Transit Instruments, Chains, Spy Glasses, Pocket Compasses, Boxes for Mathematical Instruments, Magnets,
Microscopes, Thermometers, Barometors, Spectacles, Magnifying Glasses, Magic Lantern and Slides, and a
Large Assortment of Surgical and Dental Instruments,
too numerous to mention. Also, on hand, Stireoscopes, a new instrument by whi^h Daguerreotype likenesses
ennbamade to represent statutes ani a number of other articles of similar construction, and Patent Magneto
Electro Machines. Tho greater part of these instrument arc manufactured under my control.

Repairing done at shortest notice. Orders attended to strictly, and at liberal ratea.