The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :

RollinClark, .

JohnRenfrew, .

Alex.Crozier, .

Eagle Foundry,
corner main and biddle streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

Clark, Renfrew & Co. ,
manufacturers of

Steam Machinery,

Hydraulic Presses,

Oil and Tobacco Screws,

Morse’s Patent Saw Dust Burners,

Page & Child’s Patent Circular Saw
Mills, for Horss, Steam or Water

Ard all kinds of Mill Work, &c.&c.

They would invite the attention of Millwrights to their new and large stock of Patterns, for every
Variety of Wheels, lists of which will be furnished when desired, by mail or otherwise.

Their extensive Boler and Sheet Iron Works, under the control of A.Crozier, , afford facilities for Manu-
facturing and Repairing boiler and sheet iron work, in the most approved manner.

Good second hand Boilers generally on hand.