The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :

Fairbank’s Scales.

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For twenty-five years the Fairbank’s Scales have been
constantly gaining the confidence of business men, until, not only throughout the United
States, but in England, Canada, South America and the West Indies, they have become
emphatically The Standard; celebrated alike for accuracy, great durability and adap-
tation to all transactions by weight, comrrising Canal Scales, Railroad Scales, of every
description; Hay, Coal and Cattle Scales of a dozen varieties, from three to twenty tons
capacity; Farmers’ Scales; also all possible modifications of Stor; Warehouse, Mill, Steam-
boat, Counter, and Druggists’ Scales constantly on hand and for sale by
S. M. Edgell & Co. , No. 20 Fine St., St. Louis, or
A. B. Norris , Traveling Agent;
who will, at all times, attend to building Railroad, Hay, Cattle, or Coal Scales, and repairing either in the city
or country.

Also, the above Scales are used in the Custom House at Boston, and in the United States Mint at New Orleans
for weighing Gold.