The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :

JonathanJones, , Mastpr of Accounts,
President and Acting Professor of the Theory and
Practice of Book Keeping, Commercial Cor-
respondence, &c., &c.

Ffrd.Henderson, , Practical Accountant ,
Permanent Associate in the Book-keeping Department.

HenrySenter, ,} Practical Accountants .

Jas.Warnock, , }Practical Accountants.

PeterHauguey, , }Practical Accountants .

Associate in the Book-keeping Department—Evening
Session, 1853—’4.

CharlesStewart, , Prof. of mathematics.

In special charge of Commercial Calculations, &c. &c.,

S. D.Hayden, , Professor of Penmanship,
In charge of the Writing Department,

JonathanJones, , member of the St. Louis Bar,
Lecturer on Commercial Law .